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Former Oklahoma Senator Randy Brogdon On Leaving Pro-Life & Becoming An Abolitionist: “I Repent”

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Published on: March 3, 2018

Many people in Oklahoma are getting excited about gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher’s campaign and his message about the abolition of human abortion.  One of those people who has been impacted by Dan’s message is former Oklahoma Senator and 2010 gubernatorial candidate Randy Brogdon.

Brogdon of Owasso, put forth legislation that would require that women seeking abortions be informed that ultrasound imaging and heart tone monitoring services are available so that the mother can view the development of her unborn child.

However, despite that legislation, untold numbers of children were murdered in their mother’s womb.  Why?  Because, though well-meaning, Brogdon had lost sight of what he was fighting for, life.  Instead, he was proposing measures that not only forced mothers to comply with silly state sanctions, but he was, in fact, regulating abortion, not abolishing it.

In a recent video, Brogdon acknowledges this and repents.  Hallelujah!

Take a listen.

Randy Brogdon Repents of Pro-Life Compromise

Former State Senator Randy Brogdon on why he regrets passing pro-life legislation.

Posted by Dan Fisher on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Brogdon acknowledges that though he authored the ultrasound legislation that “thousands of babies have continued to be murdered right here in the state of Oklahoma in accordance with my legislation.”

Brogdon is visibly shaken at his own words and adds, “And for that, I repent.”

He then continues by saying what he should have been about and that was to offer legislation to “abolish abortion.”

“Pro-life legislation, all it does is regulate abortion,” Brogdon said.  “Do you realize that there is not a single piece of legislation in the entire country where murder of any kind is regulated?  It is punished!  It is criminalized, as it should be.”

According to Brogdon and I believe he is right here, there’s only one way to end abortion and that is to abolish it.

This is the reason he supports gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher for governor.  Fisher has not only gone around the country raising up the modern Black Robed Regiment by teaching them about the original Black Robed Regiment, but has enormous support in the state of Oklahoma in what could be a Great Awakening in our land should he win office.

Brogdon informs those listening the five other candidates are telling people that they are pro-life, but in the end, they are simply abortion regulators.

As for Brogdon, “I am an abolitionist.”

What’s the difference, you say?  Well, according to Brogdon, 20 babies are murdered in Oklahoma every day under “pro-life” government there.  The Pro-life movement has become the controlled opposition to abolition.  It’s time we abandon the “pro-life” movement and hold fast to abolitionism if we are serious about saving the lives of the unborn in this country and actually repenting before God for allowing such a holocaust to have ever taken place.

This is a part of what it means when the Scriptures declare:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

It doesn’t mean that we say things or that we go to church or we pray.  We should do all those things, but it means that our minds are changed and thus since our thinking is corrected, our actions will follow in obedience to God.  That’s true repentance and like it or not, if we, as a nation, are going to repent of the wickedness of abortion, then we must abandon the pro-life platform for the abolition platform.

If you want to learn more about Dan Fisher, please see my previous article or go to his website, Fisher for Governor, and be sure to support him with your donations and prayers.  As I said before, the election of Dan Fisher as governor could not only end abortion in Oklahoma but also bring about a move of God in this land like we’ve not seen in our lifetimes.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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