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Former Pfizer VP: “There Was No Virus” – “Deaths Were Medical Malpractice At Best, Murder At Worst” (Video)

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Published on: May 22, 2023

Of course, not!  My goodness, we have been saying this for years.  While former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon is finally saying all this, it only is confirming what we have said all along.  The people were played by their governments, and personally, I think sicknesses people endured were from the rollout of a new technology called 5G (Fifth generation technology).

Dr. Yeadon, just like us, believes we were lied to about the CONvids every step of the way.

“They lied to us about absolutely everything,” he said. “They lied to us about the magnitude of the public health emergency which never existed. They lied to us about the necessity of having measures like lockdowns, mass testing, social distancing, and masks and it goes on and on.” Not to mention they lied about and tried to force an mRNA injection on everyone.

“There never was a viral pandemic of a novel pathogen. I don’t believe there has been a novel cause of significant illness and death, other than our government’s responses to the fake ‘pandemic,’” he said. “The deaths that we saw, I’m afraid, were medical malpractice at best and murder at worst. Basically, we were lied to from the beginning.”

Dr. Yeadon has questioned the safety and claims of “safe and effective” concerning the experimental CONvid shots.

Listen as Yeadon explains there was “no virus.”

Well, if it was murder, and I believe it was, then those involved in administering the shots and those who pimped it, along with the companies that formulated it and marketed it as “safe and effective” should be arrested, charged, tried immediately and if proven guilty, face swift justice and a dirt nap so that we never have to worry about them engaging in these crimes again, which is a mercy to the people they sought to harm and a teaching of the fear of the LORD, as well as a putting away of the evil from our midst.

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