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Former Speaker Dennis Hastert Molested 4 Boys – Won’t Be Charged

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Published on: April 14, 2016

In more injustice that demonstrates the corrupt nature of those in DC, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert will not be charged with molesting four boys while he was a high school wrestling coach decades ago.

The discovery of Hastert’s molestation of four boys occurred as prosecutors investigated his financial crimes. According to documents found by investigators, they showed that Hastert had been paying hush money to at least one of the boys for many years. We aren’t talking a small sum either. The payments totaled about $3.5 million!

According to the prosecution: “The actions at the core of this case took place not on the defendant’s national public stage but in his private one-on-one encounters in an empty locker room and a motel room with minors that violated the special trust between those young boys and their coach.”

If that was not enough, Hastert apparently also asked one of his victims for help with his financial charges, which he now faces a maximum penalty of five years when his sentencing takes place later this month for a guilty plea he entered in October for illegally structuring large bank withdrawals in small increments to evade currency-reporting rules.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

With the sentencing hearing looming, a source said Hastert called one of Individual D’s relatives, hoping to get a letter to show Hastert had done good things with his life; that letter could help persuade Durkin to give Hastert a more lenient sentence.

Individual D then made a call of his own. He told federal authorities he would prepare a statement to be used in court detailing what Hastert did to him.

The Huffington Post reports, “Providing details of the alleged abuse, some of them quite graphic, the prosecutors said Hastert offered massages to students in a locker room, where he had set up an easy chair in view of the boys’ shower, and inappropriately touched some of the students. They also cited an alleged incident that occurred during a wrestling trip in a motel room.”

Hastert “acknowledges that as a young man he committed transgressions for which he is profoundly sorry,” read a statement to Reuters from Hastert attorney Thomas Green. “He earnestly apologizes to his former students, family, friends, previous constituents and all others affected by the harm his actions have caused.”

While not specifically confirming or denying the allegations, it is clear that the response is aimed at speaking to the allegations and no one apologizes for something they did not do.

Hastert is not being charged with molestation due to the fact that the statute of limitations has run out.

While Hastert faces up to five years in prison, prosecutors are “going easy on him” due to his “remorse” and “public service.” They are only asking for a prison term of no more than six months!

Frankly, I don’t think there should be currency reporting rules like those for which Hastert has been charged by the feds. It’s none of the business of government how much we put in or take out of our bank accounts. However, one has to wonder if Dennis Hastert will face similar conditions in prison to that of disgraced Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, who was pummeled by a convicted robber in March. I’m thinking Hastert will have country club accommodations at his “prison facility.” This is just another sign of a lack of justice in America.

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