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Former University of Cincinnati Cop Kills Unarmed Motorist – Pleads Not Guilty

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Published on: July 31, 2015

The more I see of these police officers who abuse their authority, don’t know the law and think they are Quick Draw McGraw, the more I’m inclined to say that we need to start disbanding police forces and stick only to county sheriffs. The latest in tyrannical police officers involves former University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing, who shot Samuel DuBose in the head during a routine traffic stop because DuBose did not have a front license plate on his car per Ohio law.

NBC reports:

The white University of Cincinnati police officer who shot unarmed black man Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop has been indicted on a murder charge, a prosecutor announced Wednesday, saying the cop “purposely” killed the motorist and “should never have been a police officer.”

In announcing the charge against officer Ray Tensing, Hamilton County prosecutor Joe Deters lambasted the cop over the July 19 death of DuBose, 43, saying the fatal shooting was “the most asinine act I’ve ever seen a police officer make.”

University and city officials said Wednesday afternoon that Tensing was immediately terminated and turned himself in. He is set to be arraigned in court Thursday morning.

Here is the video, which anyone watching can see that there was absolutely no need for a gun to even be drawn by Tensing.

Yes, DuBose clearly violated a ridiculous law requiring a front license plate. It’s a law that doesn’t even exist in my state and one that Ohio lawmakers put forth legislation to eliminate back in April, but still sits in committee. Why? One can only imagine that it’s something that generates revenue for the state just like every other silly “law” states pass to rob the citizenry of their hard earned money.

Tensing clearly reacted in a manner unbefitting someone that is to uphold the law.

Following his plea of “not guilty” to the charge of involuntary manslaughter, Tensing was ordered to be jailed on $1 million bail, which led to cheers in the courtroom.

Tensing posted ten percent of that, according to the Hamilton County Court Clerk’s website and was released around 6:30pm on Thursday.

Following his indictment, Tensing was fired from the University of Cincinnati, which he had had been employed by for more than a year.

MSN adds:

Two campus police officers who responded to the shooting have been put on paid leave, university spokeswoman Michele Ralston confirmed Thursday. Phillip Kidd and David Lindenschmidt are on leave while the university police department conducts an internal investigation, she said.

Here’s what I want to know. Do those two officers believe the shooting was justified or will they stand up and say that their colleague committed murder? If they won’t say that after viewing the video, then they are no better than Tensing is. I know, I know, “Innocent until proven guilty,” but I ask you America, when you see that video do you really think that Tensing is not guilty?

DuBose was the 637th person killed in the United States by police since January 1 of this year. Of those deaths, nineteen occurred in Ohio. Since he was killed on July 19, 2015, 27 others have also been killed by police.

A man is dead. Did he violate a ridiculous law? Yes. Did he attempt to drive off? Yes. Did he deserve to die for not having a license plate on the front of his vehicle? Absolutely not.

I don’t know if Tensing got excited, watched to many episodes of COPS or just accidentally squeezed off a round as he lunged at the car. That is irrelevant. He should never have unholstered his weapon in the first place. And yes, in my opinion, he should face the full penalty for manslaughter.

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