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Former White House Advisor Steve Bannon To Headline Judge Roy Moore Rally In Alabama

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Published on: September 24, 2017

Boy, oh boy, is this ever telling.  As President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and the rest of the Washington establishment Republicans support Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL), who was appointed by backstabbing and big-government, boot-licking Governor Robert Bentley to fill Jeff Sessions seat in the US Senate, former White House advisor and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon will be heading to Alabama to headline Strange’s opponent, Judge Roy Moore in a runoff election.

“Steve is coming to Alabama to support President Trump against the Washington establishment and Mitch McConnell,” a source close to Bannon told Axios.  “Steve views Judge Moore as a fierce advocate of Trump and the values he campaigned on.”

Axios reports:

Steve Bannon is heading to Alabama Sunday night to rally for Judge Roy Moore on Monday night with Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.

Why it matters: This rally is three days after President Trump, Bannon’s former boss, was in Alabama rallying for Moore’s opponent — Mitch McConnell’s favored candidate Luther Strange. For Bannon to make a rare public appearance in such close proximity to Trump shows how invested he is in this race specifically, and attacking McConnell more generally. Another former White House adviser, Sebastian Gorka, rallied with Sarah Palin for Moore on Thursday.

Breitbart has gone all in for Moore and is doing its national radio show on Sirius XM from Alabama today through Wednesday.

Multiple senior Breitbart editors are in Alabama, including Washington editor Matthew Boyle, London editor Raheem Kassam, the editor-in-chief of Breitbart London, and Jeff Poor, an Alabama native and the head of Breitbart TV.

“As of now, everyone is working on the Alabama race,” Boyle wrote in a Breitbart Slack channel, per CNN’s Oliver Darcy. “If anyone has any questions please let me know.”

Trump’s campaigning for Strange on Friday evening at a rally was said to be him keeping his promise to Strange for his loyalty.

However, Trump admitted on Friday that he may have made a mistake in endorsing Strange saying, “We have to be loyal in life.  There is something called loyalty, and I might have made a mistake and I’ll be honest, I might have made a mistake.”

Breitbart reported:

Trump predicted that if Strange lost, his political opponents and the media would cite it as a big loss for Trump, but that he wanted to repay the appointed senator for his loyal support in the Senate.

“Both are good men,” Trump said, referring to Strange and Moore.

He specified that his decision was about loyalty and picking a candidate that could win in a general election.

“Luther will definitely win … Roy has a very good chance of not winning in the general election,” Trump said.

But he promised that if Moore won the primary, he would be “campaigning like hell” for him in the general election.

A good chance at not winning the general election? Really?  Where is this coming from?

Judge Roy Moore has proved himself over decades to be a man of conviction and principles and the people of Alabama know it.  What has Luther Strange demonstrated?

As far as loyalty, that is an admirable thing Trump is doing, but when loyalty is misguided, it should be abandoned and firmly stated why one is abandoning it.

Moore leads Strange in the latest polling ahead of the election, scheduled for Tuesday.

While Trump said, “Luther Strange is determined to drain that swamp,” I am still asking who is being drained from the swamp since Trump took office?

Was Bannon a part of the swamp?  Reince Priebus, as dastardly as he was as head of the GOP, was not the DC swamp, but simply an establishment Republican.  What about Michael Flynn?  Were any of these guys that?  Nope and yet they are gone while others remain in key positions inside DC.

In either case, both Bannon and Trump were taking aim at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) when they were stumping for Strange and Moore.

The question everyone needs to ask here is this:  which one of these two men, Moore and Strange, is a part of the establishment?  If Strange is a part of the establishment, what good is loyalty to that?  Nothing.  In fact, I would say it’s a disloyalty to the American people.

Judge Roy Moore has showed the world his character qualities.  He has been tried by fire and remained steadfast.

It’s time the people of Alabama stood for him!

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