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Fossil Al Gore Claims Air Pollution Spreading COVID-19, Which Is Debunked By Former NASA Scientists

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Published on: April 30, 2020

With the coronavirus, COVID-19, taking the spotlight in media outlets across the united States and much of the world, the “climate change” ideologues have, for the most part, dialed back their rhetoric on the danger of “fossil fuels”.  Enter the fossil himself, Al Gore, to change that.  How?  The former Vice President and head of the “Gore Church of Climate Change” stated in an MSNBC interview, as reported by The Hill, “This climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic are linked in some ways.  The preconditions that raise the death rate from COVID-19, a great many of them, are accentuated, made worse by the fossil fuel pollution.”

According to The Hill:

Emerging statistics have illustrated that the coronavirus pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on communities of color. 

Gore said the crisis has “exposed some longstanding weaknesses” in the country. 

For example, Gore noted the death rate, before the pandemic, among black children from asthma was much worse than for white children with asthma.

According to the Department for Health and Human Services, in 2015 African American children with asthma had a death rate 10 times that of non-Hispanic white children, and black children are four times more likely to be admitted to the hospital for asthma as compared to non-Hispanic white children. 

Gore said environmental injustice is just one factor, in addition to inadequate access to health care and unequal economics, that leads to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 and other health issues

First of all, the data being referenced by the “fossil” Al Gore is five years old.  This is particularly important because the unconstitutional Obamacare was rolled out in 2013.  According to Gore’s political party, the Democrats, who passed Obamacare without reading it, touted that Obamacare was “designed” to address inadequate access to health care regardless of economics.  People were going to be able to get “free” health care.  And, as we in the alternative media said at the time, and keep saying, Obamacare is health care insurance;  it does not guarantee access to health care services nor does it guarantee payment for those services.

Second, what Al Gore left out of that tidbit is carried on the Department for Health and Human Services, Office of Minority Health website.  “While all of the causes of asthma remain unclear, children exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke exposure are at increased risk for acute lower respiratory tract infections, such as bronchitis. Children living below or near the poverty level are more likely to have high levels of blood cotinine, a breakdown product of nicotine, than children living in higher income families.” [Emphasis Mine.]  The key to this statement is three-fold.  All causes of asthma remain unclear.  And, exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke increases the risk for acute lower respiratory tract infections.  Lastly, when children are living below or at the poverty level, they are more likely to have increased cotinine in their bloodstream;  cotinine is a breakdown product of nicotine.  Could this mean that children living near the poverty level are smoking tobacco and/or inhaling secondhand tobacco smoke more than their higher income counterparts?  Because not all causes of asthma are known, one cannot rule out other factors, such as allergens, and idiopathic origins.

Third, this data is five years old!  While considered current, new data should be available to the public and professionals alike for evaluation and analysis.  The data could have changed, meaning the data could be better or worse.  The data is only good for the moment in time it is gathered.

In the MSNBC interview, Gore indicated the deaths from COVID-19 are made worse by the fossil fuel pollution (cue at 1:20 into the interview).  This falls in line with the “scientists” in Italy who claimed that coronavirus/COVID-19 was carried by particulate matter in air pollution meaning the virus is more contagious and travels farther.  But, several questions concerning this “theory” emerged.

According to Climate Realism, air pollution has nothing to do with rising asthma rates or COVID-19/coronavirus deaths.

In his MSNBC interview, Gore doubled down on his reckless assertions. He attempted to link fossil fuels to high asthma rates, which he claimed are made worse by the coronavirus. However, even as air pollution in the United States has consistently and sharply declined since the 1970s, asthma rates have increased substantially. This contradicts the assertion that air pollution causes asthma.

As explained by researcher Joel Schwartz in his paper, “Facts Not Fear on Air Pollution,” the incidence of asthma rose 75 percent from 1980 to 1996, and nearly doubled for children. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency documents that air pollution has declined 74 percent since the 1970’s, over the same time period that asthma worsened.

In the end, climate change is neither causing nor exacerbating any identifiable illness or disease, be it COVID-19 or anything else. To the extent a modestly warming planet may impact COVID-19, the impact is almost certainly to reduce the spread of the disease and save many human lives.

In fact, the CDC indicates that “flu” season begins with the weather turns colder and ceases when warmer temperatures emerge in the spring.  As we know, coronavirus, like influenza, is an exosome and higher humidity and temperatures, including UV rays from the sun, eradicate these “viruses”.  Another point of fact is the number of deaths due to cold weather exceed those in warmer weather.

And if all of this isn’t enough to debunk “Fossil Al’s” claims, maybe the information from a well-know, well-respected NASA scientist might.

Hal Doiron, a physicist who joined NASA in 1963 and developed the Apollo Lunar Module landing dynamics software, stated in 2015, “using the same scientific method that put the man on the moon, NASA scientists have concluded there is not climate ‘problem’.”  Doiron referenced the slogan at NASA:  ‘In God We Trust, all others bring data’.  He stated, “Houston, we do not have a problem.  It is impossible to think global warming will cause any problem especially when you look at the benefits of adding Co2 to the atmosphere. We are convinced that we don’t have a problem with fossil fuels. There is no problem.”

In 2017, Doiron criticized the united States Navy for making decisions based on climate alarmism instead of sound science.  He stated that “unvalidated climate models that don’t correspond with physical data and the requirements of the scientific method contribute to unfounded climate alarmism”.  Doiron indicated that unsubstantiated claims about global warming, aka climate change, designed to prevent “policy makers” from rational decision making in regards to energy resources constitutes a national security threat.

Climate Depot continued:

The “propaganda” underpinning climate alarmism is “causing tremendous political bottlenecks” that prevent government officials from “doing the right thing” on energy, he said.

Doiron, who helped develop the Apollo Lunar Module’s landing dynamics software during NASA’s moon missions, also expressed concern that the U.S. military has been directly affected by climate alarmist claims separated from sound science.

He criticized the U.S. Navy for “preparing for something that is unreasonable and would cost too much money” in the form of “extreme sea-level rise,” which has not been borne out by rigorous scientific study.

Doiron defines unvalidated climate models as those that do not agree with physical data. Public policy and military planning should be based only on models validated by physical data, he said.

“At NASA, we have a policy: You can’t make a design decision on a spacecraft or rocket that is not validated,” he said. “You don’t make critical decisions based on ‘garbage in, garbage out.’ Yet our government has been doing that with respect to climate alarm, because too many academics in universities are writing papers, drawing conclusions from models that don’t agree with physical data.”

And let’s not forget many of these “academia” types are working with fudged, fabricated, false, and invented data from “scientists”.

Hal Doiron, who passed away on April 28, 2020, was a member of The Right Climate Stuff, which includes scientists and engineers across all generations that worked on NASA’s most high profile missions, dating all the way back to Apollo.  These individuals have volunteered their time and knowledge to conduct objective, independent assessments of man-made climate change or AGW and convey the reality of the actual threat.  The scientists and engineers state on the website the method used in producing their models.  It is well worth the time to review and read their information.  In fact, what should be taken away from their website is found on the home page.

To aid in monitoring the AGW concern, we have developed our own simple, but rigorous, earth surface temperature model using Conservation of Energy principles, similar to the way we analyze surface and internal temperature of spacecraft.  We have validated the model with 168 years of atmospheric GHG data and data on earth surface temperature variations, counting 1850 through 2017. We have used this model to forecast what we believe will be the maximum, but small and non-harmful effects on earth surface temperature, from continued un-restricted use of fossil fuels, until they become too scarce and costly to meet the growing energy demand of our planet.

We expect a world-wide, market-driven transition to alternate sources of energy generation will be completed by 2150, leaving less than 600 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, 50 percent more than current levels.  Highest levels of CO2 in our atmosphere have exceeded 7000 ppm from greater volcanic activity more than 400 million years ago. Naturally occurring planetary processes reduced atmospheric CO2 levels to a low of about 180 ppm experienced at the last Ice Age glacial maximum about 21,000 years ago. This was dangerously close to the critical 150 ppm limit required for green plants to grow.

We have produced reports which, in our judgment, provide a more realistic projection of the maximum expected earth surface temperature rise over the next 150 years from rising atmospheric GHG levels. We believe that these more realistic projections do not justify the extent to which the UN and others propose to manipulate and likely devastate the various major economies of the world through mandating drastic reductions in the use of fossil fuels[Emphasis Mine.]

So, who to believe:  Al Gore and his band of “church scientists” who fabricate, falsify and invent data or numerous NASA scientists and engineers who volunteer their time and talent to produce a more accurate model based on 168 years of prior historical data?  It really is a no brainer.

The takeaway from all of this is simple – there is no climate change problem with regard to fossil fuel usage meaning climate change is not contributing to the spread of coronavirus/COVID-19.  Moreover, with air pollution decreasing, it is highly unlikely that air pollution is spreading this “flu” either.  In fact, warmer temperatures help dissipate “flus”.  With all the information provided at Sons of Liberty Media regarding this coronavirus hoax as well as products that can be taken to eradicate it, there is no reason for anyone to panic or believe the tripe that comes from fossils like Al Gore.

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