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Founder of Charity for Wounded Veterans Proved to be a Fraud!

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Published on: December 1, 2015

Our friends at Wounded American Warrior have uncovered a disgusting scam that is being perpetrated on some of the most vulnerable and heroic among us. Please read the following story and then get involved to stop this injustice against our wounded warriors…

Email Harris County TX District Attorney, Devon Anderson, and tell her to bring criminal charges.

You can find her website here.

Cody Wright began to cry uncontrollably. Cody was a school counselor who was meeting with the parents of a child she was supposed to help, and with the school’s vice-principal. She was having a breakdown at work. It wasn’t work that caused the breakdown, though. It was Meredith Iler, the founder of Helping a Hero (HAH) veteran’s charity. Iler had threatened to sue Cody’s husband, Sergeant Eddie Wright for defamation and slander. Iler also threatened to launch a vicious smear campaign in the media attacking his character and integrity. Sgt. Wright, a former Marine, had lost both of his hands in Iraq, and had served on the board of Helping a Hero. Eddie had uncovered what he believed were improprieties on the part of Iler, and a history of abuse of wounded veterans and their families. He began blowing the whistle on Iler, and Iler set out to destroy Eddie & his family. Here is the shocking and disturbing story of how one woman, in a quest for fame and social status, used severely wounded veterans & their families as pawns, tools, and fodder, in order to secure a better life for herself.

Helping a Hero started off on what seemed to be the right foot. Local news touted the charity’s generous donations of fully adapted homes to wounded veterans, while only asking the recipient cover a $50k mortgage. Thankful veterans praised the charity for giving them a “hand-up” after enduring the pains of war. But soon after, reports began surfacing that all was not what it seemed with the organization.

The charity’s founder, Meredith Iler, descends from millionaire real estate moguls, and was once married to former Nebraska Congressman John Lynn Christensen. Iler is known as an accomplished fundraiser, and once worked as an event organizer for a firm that was tasked with revamping Saudi Arabia’s image on the world stage. While the charity Iler founded, Helping a Hero, states that its primary purpose is to “provide specially adapted homes for qualifying service members,” many wounded warriors have come forward saying that the organization, and specifically Iler, have done the opposite. Accusations levied against Iler include ones that she: Belittled veterans who questioned her handling of the charity’s finances, embezzled from the charity, spent money meant for vets on personal expenses, engaged in smear campaigns against veterans, pressured veteran’s families to sell products from a multi-level marketing company she was involved in so she could reap the rewards, and threatening to give homes promised to wounded veterans to others who would support her. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s look at what some wounded warriors have to say about Iler, and Helping a Hero

Read the Rest of the Disgusting Story at Wounded American Warrior


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