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Fox News Reporter from Asking Baltimore Mayor Questions by MSNBC Employee

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Published on: May 3, 2015

Apparently, Al Sharpton is now not only a mouthpiece for MSNBC, but also for the city of Baltimore. The tax evading race baiter arrived in Baltimore a few days ago in an effort to get himself some press… oh, I mean to help the situation… and now he seems to be running interference for the Mayor.

Fox News’ Leland Vittert is in Baltimore trying to get to the bottom of the many stories spinning out of the unrest the city has suffered over the last 2 weeks. On Thursday he was attempting to question Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake when he kept getting cut off by Al Sharpton!

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The MSNBC host was doing his level best to make sure that he kept the embattled mayor protected from the dangerous reporter. Sharpton repeatedly tells the reporter that he can ask his questions at the upcoming press conference. In fact, he specifically says… “At the press conference we will answer all questions.”  I was unaware that Al Sharpton was an elected Baltimore official or that he’d been hired to be the Mayor’s Press Secretary.

When did they become “we”?

Naturally things grew heated and the confrontation between Fox News reporter and MNSBC host grew physical with Sharpton and his police friends shoving the Fox News reporter out of the way.

Learn the lesson, folks. When the government doesn’t want to answer questions from anyone but the friendliest media option… they will shove you right out of the way.

Later on Vittert said, “I asked a couple of the police officers who shoved me out of the way, to get the mayor past us– I said wait a second how can you protect the mayor from simple questions from reporters, and yet you decided not to protect any of the businesses in Baltimore?”

Good question.


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