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Frankenscience: US Turning Organs of Aborted Babies into Commodities – Grows Them Inside Animals

“Would you accept an organ from a pig, cow, baboon or a chimpanzee to save your child’s life, or your own?” What if that organ was taken from a baby that had been murdered in the womb and its organs harvested to grow inside said pig, cow, baboon or chimpanzee? This past week it was reported that kidneys from aborted babies had been grown inside animals, but pro-life advocates are not happy with the “science.”

Leslie Hanks of Colorado Right to Life told WND, “This kind of Frankenscience could lead to more abortion because of the obvious profit motive,” and that it may be the “first step to owning and patenting certain human DNA patterns or even actual human beings.”

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

“Truly the stuff of science fiction, an abomination to Almighty God and sadly a further commodification of human beings,” she added.

While the Genetic Literacy Project, the organization that presented the question at the beginning of this article, suggests that 21 people die everyday while waiting for an organ transplant, there are more than 123,000 Americans who need one. Yet, of those 123,000, only 30,000 will actually receive one.

According to Eugene Gu, the CEO of Ganogen Inc., a biotech company in Redwood City, California, “Our long-term goal is to grow human organs in animals, to end the human donor shortage.”

Right, and how do you obtain those organs to grow inside animals? You rely on the murder of the most innocent among us. This is all being done under the cover of being “legal.” And people in America used to think China was depraved for executing people in order to sell their organs.

The company’s promotional video plays on the emotions while purposefully neglecting to tell the viewer exactly where the organs come from.

This can be an emotional argument for some. However, it’s the moral implications that we should all be concerned with. Many will recall actors like Michael J. Fox and the late Christopher Reeve who spoke out for stem cell research, much of which was promoted through the stem cells of murdered babies. People felt the emotion of the argument when they saw the condition of Fox and Reeves. What the American people were not allowed to see was the process and end results of the murder of the unborn in the womb (Warning: Clicking on this link will reveal exactly what abortion is).

The real issue goes well beyond technology or even providing healthy organs. It comes down to removing one’s morality in order to bow before the altar of the dollar.

We’ve already seen how the cells of aborted children have been used by companies such as Pepsi for “flavor-enhancing research” with the full approval of the Obama administration. Of course, Barack Obama doesn’t have a problem murdering children once they are out of the womb, according to this video and audio, so there is no surprise there.

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said, “They kill [a baby] in order to grow and harvest organs, and then make a profit.”

“The only thing unethical is to fail to make a profit. It’s anything-goes, full-speed, lead-foot-on-the-gas pedal,” Newman added.

Newman, who was adopted as a child, has been 100% pro-life and along with his co-worker Cheryl Sullenger have been going after the abortion industry for some time. They have helped to shut down numerous abortion clinics, see prosecution of abortion doctors and the revocation of licenses because of their efforts. The two even released a book, Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life America One Community at a Time, detailing how anyone can get involved to legally stop abortion.

Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League Eric Scheidler said, “It’s telling that Ganogen refers euphemistically to ‘discarded human organs’ – they know (that) admitting these organs are harvested from aborted babies will make people recoil. Is it worth it to extend your life with an aborted baby’s heart or kidneys?”

“But as macabre as this technology is, it does give the lie to the abortion industry’s claim that unborn children are not living human beings,” he added. “Their humanity is precisely what makes these transplants possible. It’s horrifying to think that a company would exploit the deaths of these children in this way, or that sick people would be willing to purchase more years of life at such a moral cost.”

As Leslie Hanks stated so well, this is an abomination before God, and God will not be mocked (Gal 6:7). The Lord has said that He hates hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:17). How much do you think God hates those who do such things as this? My guess would be that if we followed the money, we would find the abortion cartel joined at the hip with these pseudoscientists.

This is only more evidence that men love darkness rather than light (Jn. 3:19) and unless God sends a mighty spiritual awakening to our nation, we are in for more judgment from His hand. It is long past time for America to repent!

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is a Christian and lover of liberty, a husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows" and jack of all trades. He lives in the US-Occupied State of South Carolina, is the Editor at, and and; and also broadcasts on The Sons of Liberty radio weekdays at 6am EST and Saturdays at 8am EST. Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, and USALife.

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