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From Serfs to Sovereigns

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Published on: June 16, 2016

America’s broken. Everyone’s angry about it. AmericaAgain! members are fixing it; in a moment, I’ll tell you how. But first, let me explain a facet of your programming that you’ve never considered.

As a former architectural engineer for 28 years, I know how monumental architecture affects the human psyche. In the classical world as today, the purpose of monumental architecture is to powerfully impact the visitor’s subconscious – to intimidate.

The visitor feels insignificant, while those who office in the massive edifice with marble floors, 20-foot ceilings, and an awe-inspiring celestial dome, are made to feel superior. This is the human response to our built environment; you feel it every time you enter a mansion or cathedral.

For this reason, one of the most vital aspects of our Bring Congress Home Act (BCHA), as we take Congress out of Washington DC, is having our servant in Congress work in a single, modest-lease office in his or her own district – which, after we ratify the 28th Amendment, will now be limited to 50,000 people or less.

Congress will become local. Whatever we sovereigns face, our servants must face; where we live and work, they will live and work. Do you see how different this will be from writing feeble emails to your lord and master in today’s gargantuan Capitol Hill palace, so far away?

Try to grasp the historic role-reversal that AmericaAgain! will usher in; true popular sovereignty. From now on, We The People will employ subconscious programming of our own. We The People will begin history’s most important game of divide and conquer.

No more will we allow well-dressed, smooth-talking, big-spending, arrogant servants under celestial domes to intimidate their sovereigns.

Lesson #1 in reprogramming ourselves: when you visit any capitol, do not walk around like an awestruck child. It is only a building, and it belongs to you.

Lesson #2 will be tough, for treachery and moral vice are effective tools of politics. We fell to this abysmal condition by believing the speeches of politicians and pulpiteers. Never assume that your legislator is a true Christian just because he or she delivers moving speeches and prayers in public. Remember Christ’s teaching; hold the self-proclaimed Christian to a higher standard. The more a legislator mentions Jesus and prays in public – the less you should trust them. The general rule of thumb with legislators: never trust, always verify. Mr. Trump does this quite well.

Lesson #3 is that sovereigns do not petition servants. This is another lesson we could learn from the blustery Donald Trump. We The People are not mendicants; we are their employers and the Constitution is the highest law. You are their employer. Simply instruct them what must be done to obey the Constitution in a given case; if they sponsor or vote for a law restoring limited government, tell them “well done”, as you would tell an obedient child. Do not say, “thank you!” for obeying the law just because they have perennially violated it.

Lesson #4 is corollary to the last point. Never use pompous terms to address your servant, just because their staffers do. Although highfalutin’ labels for public servants never made sense, in today’s corrupt political environment it is a pathetic joke. If you must write ‘The Honorable’, put it before your own name; perhaps it will catch on.

Our proposed Bring Congress Home Act is only the first of 22 reform laws that AmericaAgain! plans to ram through Congress over the next decade. These are outlined in Chapter 12 of my newest book, Fear The People. For a free PDF, go to, scroll to the bottom of the home page and click the PDF Book button. In the book you will discover why this is the most promising era in 200 years.

Great Depression II is mathematically inevitable, so all the more reason to believe that with 6400 new citizen-statesmen in the House of Representatives and Mr. Trump in the White House as the spear-point of our historic action plan, this role-reversal will go to scale.

We are mow in 110 towns. We need to be in thousands of towns by early next year. In your town, you recruit just three other members and each of you recruits 10 people to sign their names to our  proclamation, that will be read on the steps of all 50 state capitols on the same day at the same time.

On that day, our new way of life begins; a full-spectrum plan to restore America, with the bombastic Mr. Trump to make each of our actions in-your-face and viral.

Watch our videos and read the ‘about’ section of our temporary website (the new site goes live the last week of July, 2016). Read the book, and join our national conference call every Sunday night at 8pm Central. Click on the red ‘Take Action’ button on our home page for instructions on how to join the weekly call.

Repentance is not optional. Great Depression II is coming, but prepping and getting off the grid does not solve the systemic problem in America. It is only continued abdication of duty. Join us. Don’t shrink from your duty, but be one of the responsible remnant. And never idolize your servants again.

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