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California Moves To Revoke License of Mentally Impaired Abortionist Gary Prohaska

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Published on: August 21, 2014

Sacramento, CA – The Medical Board of California filed a petition on August 12, 2014, to revoke the medical license of long-time abortionist Gary Prohaska, 78, based on his diagnosed mental impairment.

It appears from the Board petition that someone noticed his unfit mental condition and reported to the Medical Board that Prohaska was suffering from symptoms consistent with early dementia.

The petition states that Prohaska, who once worked at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in San Diego, California, has suffered “moderate severity cognitive impairment” according to a psychiatrist who conducted a psychiatric examination of Prohaska at the California Medical Board’s request. It further states that Prohaska’s “impairment is permanent and renders him unsafe to practice medicine.”

“Given Prohaska’s deteriorating mental condition, we are thankful that California is taking action to ensure that he can never practice again,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, who became familiar with Prohaska while living in San Diego. “This man has made a very good living off the backs of dead babies so it is hard to have much sympathy for his plight, except for how his illness might affect his family. It’s really a shame that efforts to revoke his license weren’t made earlier in his life. It may have saved hundreds, if not thousands of lives.”

Currently, Prohaska resides in California where he cannot practice because his medical license is expired. He has previously held medical licenses in Oregon and Wisconsin, but both of those licenses are inactive.

According to the California Catholic Daily, in addition to his stint with Planned Parenthood in San Diego, Prohaska once worked as “chief of surgery” for the largest abortion facility in Portland, Oregon, the Lovejoy Surgicenter. He later opened his own abortion center in Portland called Pregnancy Alternatives, which is now closed. He was sued several times for malpractice during this time.

Prohaska relocated to Wisconsin in 1995 to do abortions for Planned Parenthood in Milwaukee and Appleton.

Operation Rescue documented that Prohaska was charged with hit-and-run in Milwaukee that same year, to which he pleaded “No Contest.”

The California Catholic Daily further noted that while in Wisconsin, “Prohaska was arrested and charged with using mace on picketers on a public sidewalk outside an abortion business. Prohaska plead guilty to a violation and was given a small fine.”


Read Prohaska’s Disciplinary Petition


Article by Cheryl Sullenger

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