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Geller on Pro-Sharia Law Marches: Sharia is “Mysogynistic, Anti-Infidel, Anti-Free Speech”

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Published on: June 12, 2017

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, commented on the past weekend’s Pro-Sharia law marches, and pointed out what these Islamists and their useful idiot supporters are actually advancing.

Appearing on Breitbart News Daily on Monday, Geller told host Raheem Kassam, “It’s great to see Americans are waking up.  Sharia is the most brutal and extreme system of governance ideology on the face of the Earth. It is misogynistic. It is anti-Semitic. It is anti-infidel. It is anti-gay. It is anti-free speech.”

In countries that are dominated by Muslims and under Sharia law, you can find “amputations, stonings and sex slavery,” said Geller.

“It is, as Sam Harris said, the motherlode of bad ideas,” she added. “And, of course, it’s been slow in educating the American people because you have this enormous machine, this leftist-Islamic machine that controls much of the information battlespace – if it’s media or culture, movies, entertainment, and even in the coverage of these marches, it was enormously and wildly slanted, which, of course, we’re used to.”

“But the American people are waking up,” Geller continued.  “Clearly, they’re waking up in Europe, as well.  Although, of course, I was disappointed, unquestionably, in the U.K. elections because I just think Labor and Corbyn are so to the left of bad.”

“Again, it’s a fight,” she stressed. “War is in the information battlespace. It’s sort of David vs. Goliath, but we know how that wound up. There’s hope.”

Kassam reminded listeners that Geller, Robert Spencer and Michael Savage have been blocked from entering Britain, but that hasn’t stopped the country from being home to some 23,000 Islamic jihadis and one of the world’s most open jihad preacher, Anjem Choudary.  Kassam said in response to greeting those jihadis, “Sure.  Whatever. Don’t worry about it.”

“Oh, I completely agree,” Geller said, referring to actions British Prime Minister Theresa May took as home secretary.  “The fact is, you’re not going to have me advocate for May. She did ban me and said Muslims might get violent if I was to appear.  Well, you know, how did that work out for you, PM May?”

Both Geller and Hassan got some shots in on the face of the fascist Islamist Linda Sarsour.

“This is who the left holds up as their leader? This is who feminists hold up as leader of the Women’s March?” she asked, speaking of a woman who she said was “running down the marches and praising Sharia the whole day, the whole of the weekend.”

They both pointed out her fake accent in an attempt to sound as though she is actually an authentic representative of the Arab or Palestinian world, even though she was born in good old Brooklyn, New York.

“That’s her schtick,” said Geller. “But she is the product of an arranged marriage. She never speaks against it. She advocates for this sharia. She supports it. Many of the things she said about really brave women – you know, Ayaan Hirsi Ali is truly a singular, brave woman. For her to run her down that way, this to me shows that the left is off the rails.”

“Of course, there are going to be women like Linda Sarsour,” Geller continued.  “There are going to be women that hold down their children to be cut in female genital mutilation. But for her to be held up and asked to keynote the CUNY commencement address and speak at Dartmouth while my colleagues and I are blacklisted!”

“This is really the blacklist, not McCarthyism, because everybody worked. They still worked,” she added.  “They changed their names a little bit, they tweaked it, but they still worked. This is the real blacklist, and the objective is so that the message does not get out. And it’s worked, which is why we see people waking up across the world, not just America. Very encouraging.”

In speaking about the Left holding up people like Linda Sarsour as an icon, Geller said, “They want war.  There’s no question about it. Listen, we held a massive protest against Linda Sarsour, and then you have their puppets, so to speak, in politics like Mayor de Blasio for example, who, generally, when there’s a counter-protest, it’s always – listen, I’ve been doing this 15 years – it’s always across the street or it’s catercorner. He put them not three feet away from us, and they were violent, abuse, off-the-wall – a small group, but very, very dangerous. Afterwards, they attempt to incite to violence, to fisticuffs. We saw this even yesterday after the rallies, you had the left – and it’s always portrayed in the media as if the violence is on our end. It never is.”

“This is real war, and I believe the left is evil,” she said. “They use ridicule, the Saul Alinsky tactics, the whole arsenal of weapons. You saw them destroy the Tea Party. You saw them destroy the EDL, okay? This is what they do, through ridicule, through smear, through defamation. But I think people are shrugging and saying, ‘Listen, I’m not having it. My children are not safe. My community is not safe. My kids can’t walk to school.’”

“It’s literally a matter of life or death. It’s not politics. It’s life or death,” Geller concluded.

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