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George Floyd: The Verdict Is In!

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Published on: March 5, 2021

Some of you may be saying: “Richards, how can the verdict be in?  The trial has not even started. This is America. A trial is nothing but an inconvenient formality in the good old USA. In fact, some would argue a trial, in and of itself, is a sadistic form of torture. The accused police officers are about to learn what Jesus meant when he said, “Those that live by the sword die by the sword.”

How many people have these police officers sent to the torture chamber that some call a courtroom? Now, they are learning just how unfair of a system we have. Are these officers innocent until proven guilty? I would say many assume them guilty. However, most of the people these officers arrested during their careers were also assumed guilty.

I am willing to admit that even I am guilty of assuming them guilty. The sad thing is we all are guilty. We are guilty of allowing a judicial system that is vile and disgusting. Our system has sent many innocent people to prison. Look at the innocent project if you do not believe me; perhaps, even some innocent people these officers arrested. When George Floyd died, I wrote articles speaking out against police abuse.  In the first article, I wrote about what I thought I saw when I watched the video of George Floyd’s death.

The reason I say “what I thought I saw” is there was a lot that we did not see. When I was in one of my law classes, they said, “The worst witness is an eye witness.” They said that because there is a lot that they do not see, and yet, the witness forms an opinion. Most of us have formed an opinion. Here are some things some people may not know.

There is video of George Floyd going through the squad car and out the other side. Also, the autopsy showed George Floyd’s lungs were full of fluid. I think his lungs weighed about three times what they should have. He also had Fentanyl levels at about three times the toxicity levels. It is hard to say because some people can handle more than others. A question we should all ask is, how does that affect the situation and the police officers’ reaction?

As an Emergency Medical Technician, I have had to try and help people who are strung out on drugs and who are mentally ill. The problem in this situation is what is good in one situation can be bad in another situation. I tell the people I train that all we can do is to try and learn from what we do, but do not second guess yourselves. Outside of the situation, I may not agree with what I did, but inside the situation, I may realize it was the only option at the time.

When someone overdoses on drugs and their lungs fill with fluid, they basically are drowning. They are drowning but they cannot swim to shore. You cannot pull them from the water because the water is in their lungs. I have no doubt George Floyd was terrified. When I had my lung problems, and my lungs were full of fluid I was shocked at the fear I could feel. If you have never been there, you do not know.

Just because George Floyd was frightened does not mean he was not dangerous. Panicking people can be very dangerous.

As well, people on drugs can be very dangerous, as you never know what they will do. Getting angry is a waste of time. It is like giving someone anesthesia in an operating room and then getting angry because they go to sleep. I have no expectation of rational behavior from someone on drugs. It is a fair question to ask what should have the police done? How do we know?  We were not in the situation.

Have you ever tried to restrain someone without hurting them? Have you ever tried to restrain someone without hurting yourself? The current political thought seems to be the police have no right to protect themselves. Unfortunately, this is made worse every time the police hurt innocent people. The police need to realize that justice protects them as well as us. However, if you are expecting me to allow my patients to harm me, even if I was willing to do the job, I would not be able to do it for long. There is a reason very few people are willing to be Emergency Medical Technicians or police officers. If we do not solve these problems, even fewer people will do the job.

The City of Minneapolis is shutting down the police department. They are just killing it slowly. Wait and see how many more police resign after this trial. This is why I speak out against police abuse. It helps my friends. A fair system helps them do their job.

These are two other articles that explain what direction the unfair system is pushing the country, and how it is the police who need to demand a fair system. In this article, we look at the riots caused by the system.  In this article, I call on law enforcement to be the solution to this problem.

Another problem many are overlooking is the huge drug problem caused by our healthcare system. It is well known that the problems caused by the pharmaceutical companies. They have gotten a lot of people addicted to their products. It seems that all they got was rich, and all we got was no justice. The few fines they have paid is nothing more than their sharing their profits with the government that was supposed to protect us.

It also should be asked if George Floyd would have overdosed if the state had not been shut down because of COVID. It has been terrible how healthcare and the government have refused to look at the suffering they have caused with their response to COVID. They claim they have only done good. They refuse to see any evidence otherwise. Many drug addicts have relapsed, and the number of drug overdoses and suicides has skyrocketed.

Living by the sword and dying by the sword shows the tool used by people to kill, can be used to also kill those people. This applies to these police officers. The judicial system they may have used to cause injustice may cause injustice to them. All of us need to take heed of this.

The verdict is in, we are all guilty, and we all lose. If there is injustice for one, there is justice for none. Injustice is the gangrene that is rotting our judicial system and county. If we do not cut it out soon, the system and country will not survive. 

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