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George Soros Launches ‘Media Blitz’ Against Hungary – But Soros Isn’t Having The Last Word!

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Published on: November 24, 2017

Billionaire George Soros has kicked off a “media blitz” against Hungary, calling out the country for what he accuses as anti-immigrant policies.

But Soros isn’t having the last word.

Billboards denouncing George Soros for his interference in Hungary’s government have sprung up at choice spots around the nation.

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Angry Hungarians, fed up with open border activists trying to tell them how to govern and live in their own country, have launched a counter protest of sorts, putting up billboards around the nation to call out Soros as an unwanted intruder.

Breitbart has more:

George Soros, the billionaire open borders campaigner, has launched a “media blitz” against Hungary, according to the government which has been conducting a national consultation on the financier’s plan for the migrant crisis.
Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy Dr. Zoltán Kovács described how, “In an extensive media campaign, George Soros himself joined the debate on the future of Europe’s migration issues with an international and Hungarian media blitz” in an About Hungary blog entry.

In a video message aired by RTL Klub, Hungary’s biggest television network, Soros claimed he was “really worried” about his former homeland.
Csaba Csontos, a spokesman for the Hungarian branch of Soros’s Open Society Foundation, announcing that the speculator, who ‘broke the Bank of England‘, is launching an extensive media “counter campaign” against the Hungarian government to tell Hungarians “about the truth”.

This week, Soros has also given interviews to Hungarian government opposition-friendly 168óra and the Financial Times.

The media drive is principally concerned with persuading people that the Hungarians’ accusations against Soros concerning his plan for the EU to take in migrants and redistribute them across the continent, which the Hungarians believe the bloc is implementing, are not accurate.

Dr. Kovács scoffed at one related social media campaign critiquing the national consultation, summarising it as follows:

“Why is the national consultation misleading? [The campaign] claims that according to the Soros Plan, Europe is to receive one million migrants each year.

“Soros and his Open Society Foundation claim this is not true because – get this – while he did propose a million in 2015, he later revised it to ‘only 300 000’.

“Well, how about zero?”

“The continued denial by Soros and his surrogates that this pro-immigration agenda is being pushed in Brussels has lost credibility,” the Hungarian added.

“Just days prior to last week’s vote in the European Parliament on revising the Dublin regulations to speed up the relocation of migrants in the EU, the Swedish MEP [Cecilia Wikström] who proposed the resolution tweeted a photo of herself and Soros with a caption about having ‘a fruitful discussion.’

“Her name happens to appear on the leaked list of ‘reliable allies’ to Soros causes, produced for [Open Society Foundations].”

News network Al Jazeera has also gotten in on the “counter campaign”, releasing a video which purports to “debunk” various “myths” about the financier.

Al Jazeera is funded by the government of Qatar, currently subject to an extensive economic blockade by other Middle Eastern states which have — like U.S. President Donald Trump and vanquished rival Hillary Clinton — accused it of funding terrorism.

“The Hungarian government will not back down,” Kovács concluded.

“We will continue to call for strong borders and strict limitations on immigration, and will continue to defend the right of Hungary – and fellow EU member-states – to make our own decisions about who gets to live in our countries, because the future of Europe is at stake.”

Article posted with permission from Pamela Geller

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