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Georgia: Attorney Files Suit Against “Corporate Invasion” 5G Cell Mast In His Yard

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Published on: May 25, 2020

That’s right, people are learning the dangers from the 5G masts being erected while everyone else is in lockdown.  We’ve covered tons on 5G and possible connections to the coronavirus.  However, one attorney in Atlanta Georgia is now suing Verizon that seeks to build a 5G mast in his yard, claiming it is a “corporate invasion” and that it puts him and his neighbors at risk of contracting COVID-19 from the unmasked workers putting it in, as well as possible diseases that have been linked to 5G.

Kaspers v. Verizon Wireless Services LLC, filed case number 1:20-cv-02142 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia by attorney Bill Kaspers.

Law 360 reports:

Bill Kaspers, whose firm Kaspers & Associates Law Offices LLC is in midtown Atlanta, said in his proposed class action that a Verizon subcontractor without a face mask knocked on his door in the Derby Hills neighborhood in late March. Standing just past the doorway — not 6 feet away, as recommended during the pandemic — the subcontractor told Kaspers that Verizon planned to dig a hole in his front yard to put in a pole for a 5G cell radio transmission unit, according to the suit filed in Georgia federal court Tuesday. The case was entered into the court system Thursday.

Kaspers, who’s almost 72, said he repeatedly asked the man to step back and maintain at least 6 feet of distance between the two of them, but the subcontractor repeatedly stepped too close. Kaspers then asked him to leave the neighborhood, but he refused until Kaspers said he would call the police, per the complaint. The next week, a Verizon crew came back to dig the hole. Kaspers said he called their suburb’s city attorney, who sent a health department official to get the crew to leave the neighborhood.

Kaspers said the subcontractor and crew put him and his neighbors, many of whom are also older, at an elevated risk of contracting the coronavirus. On top of that, he pointed to a number of studies that have purportedly found radiation from a 5G cell unit can cause cancer “and other serious and potentially permanently debilitating health conditions in people of all ages.”

“Moreover, the decrease in value of residences near a 5G cell unit is even greater than 20% for residences which are closer/closest to the emanating 5G cell unit,” he said.

Kasper also added that the tower will be roughly 100 feet from the bedrooms in his home.

According to Kasper, if Verizon is allowed to install this 5G pole, he and his neighbors will  “live in constant fear and dread regarding when and how seriously they will contract the serious and potentially fatal health conditions and problems.”

Mr. Kasper also is claiming unlawful trespass and property devaluation, as well as the unlawful taking of property, the removal of the joy and benefits of owning property, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Anywhere between 110 and 220 individuals who own homes in the Derby Hills residential area are potentially being represented by Mr. Kasper.  he will be representing himself.

Kasper is also seeking a Georgia federal judge to permanently block Verizon from installing the 5G pole in his yard, as well as unspecified damages, attorney fees and court costs.

I’m wondering if others will follow suit (no pun intended).

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