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Georgia Football Team That Baptized before Practice is Under Investigation

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Published on: September 3, 2015

As our world continues to sink into deeper and more grotesque depravity, it seems to some that the worst thing that could happen to our children is for them to feel left out.  They can have sexually active lives, even with those of the same sex.  They can binge drink until they pass out or purge because of alcohol poison.  But whatever they are exposed to, do not let it be religion—and, especially, the Christian religion.  And this is, once again, the problem in a small town in Georgia.

The Washington Times reports:

An apparent mass baptism that unfolded on the football field of a public high school in Georgia is now under investigation, the local school district says.

Carroll County Schools said Tuesday that it’s determining if any state or federal laws were violated when more than a dozen athletes on the Villa Rica High School football team were reportedly baptized on camera before a recent practice.

So, we have some high school students who are being baptized, and the video reached YouTube.  It seemed to be a bold statement about the faith of these students.  They wrote in the captions: “Take a look and see how God is STILL in our schools!” And this is where the trouble started.

The Times continued:

The clip has since been pulled down, but not before catching the attention of the the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that promotes the separation of church and state. A representative for the group wrote the Carroll County Schools superintendent on Tuesday and asked the district to “immediately investigate and take action to ensure there will be no further illegal religious events.”

Now, one might wonder why a group in Wisconsin would know or even care what students in Georgia were doing.  Why would they concern themselves with such activities?  They surely do not have any students on this team.  But, the reason should be obvious: they were trolling for an offense.

The Times reports:

Elizabeth Cavell, a staff attorney with the organization, said federal courts have routinely agreed it’s illegal for coaches to participate in religious activities with students, be it baptisms or a brief prayer.

“When baptisms and prayer take place directly before a team football practice, on school property, with coaches’ participation, any reasonable student would perceive these activities to be unequivocally endorsed by their school,” she wrote.

“It’s forcing them to undergo a religious ritual to be accepted on a team. How are they going to cross their coach? They have no choice. It’s proselytizing, it’s coercive, and it’s not legal in our schools,” she said. “It’s really misusing the authority of the coach to promote his personal religious agenda.”

But, we are not sure that this baptism was the coach’s religious agenda or not.  It occurred before practice.  She assumes that the students were not given any warning.  Cavell also bases her whole argument on a fictitious person.  This imaginary student felt forced to participate and act like a Christian.  No one has complained about the incident, except a group who makes its living by representing 2% of the population, none of which is in the Carroll County School District.

It would be nice for once if the school district would tell these fools to mind their own business.  It seems that, just like the case in Pennsylvania, there is no chance of a lawsuit, since there is no one complaining.

May God use this to make His name great upon the earth.


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