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Georgia: Public Indoctrination Vehicles Raise Awareness Of Child Sex Trafficking

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Published on: January 4, 2019

A caravan of six public indoctrination buses, which were part of a total of 72 buses, paraded their way down the streets of Atlanta on Wednesday in an attempt to raise awareness of Georgia’s child sex trafficking problem.

“It’s a difficult reminder that these statistics represent lives and these lives, our kids are not invisible,” said Bob Rogers, president of the nonprofit group Street Grace.

Each bus was to represent 50 children who would be sold into sex slavery from Georgia.

Fox 5 reports:

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Street Grace and the Georgia Attorney General’s Office partnered to put on the awareness event.  They, along with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, have also launched the “Demand an End Georgia Initiative” to help stop child sex trafficking by going after customers.

“By Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd all buyers and traffickers will know that Georgia does not tolerate those who seek to exploit our state’s children,” said Attorney General Chris Carr.

Carr said that educating the public about child sex trafficking and the warning signs is a huge part of combating the problem.

Oddly, the message was on top of the buses, so the only way you would actually see their message was if you were in a helicopter or watched the evening news. was put together to bring awareness and information to the people of Georgia.

The website encourages people to talk about sex trafficking and how they might be able to notice the warning signs in order to interpose between children and those wishing to use them for profit.

However, I suppose I find it ironic that the same public indoctrination centers in Georgia promote all of the sexual perversions of sodomy, promiscuous sex, gender confusion and a host of other immoralities and yet, take offense to child sex trafficking.  I mean, wouldn’t that logically follow that if you are sexualizing children at young ages by promoting things beyond mere biology that you are gearing them towards such behavior?  One would think so.

It would actually be better if these buses carried the message that the places they pick up and dump kids off at every day are sexualizing children right under their parents’ noses and that the message that should be promoted is that parents should follow their Creator’s commands and teach their own children and seek to protect them.

If you don’t think schools are sexualizing our children, then you really should read Cynthia Montgomery’s piece in the Patch, or Project Jericho’s points about government school’s sexualizing our children.

Good for making people aware of what they should have already been aware of, but I wonder how much this cost the taxpayers of Georgia.

Finally, I’ll just remind you that Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer and her husband were murdered in 2010 as she was preparing to expose the crimes of Child Protective Services, much of which led to child trafficking out of Georgia and I know this from interviews I conducted several years ago with the woman who was feeding Schaefer the information.

Read Nancy Schaefer’s Senatorial report, “The Corrupt Business of Child Protective Services.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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