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German Woman Who Stood Against Islamic Prayer in Church Calls Upon Christians for Help

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Published on: September 12, 2015

Last year, courageous Christian Heidi Mund stood in the midst of a Christian church as a Muslim Imam began an Islamic call to prayer and openly proclaimed, “Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany,” and shouted, “I break this curse.” Now, this dear woman is calling on Christians all over the world to pray for Germany as a flood of Islamic “refugees” (when you hear that term, think jihadists) enter her beloved country.

Mund took to Facebook citing two news stories she had heard.

Today I heard two different news:

  1. Radical Moslems from Turkey wrote proud about our country and our people, that her Allah would have given this land to them already,
  2. Some minutes later, I heard in the German radio broadcast, that we Germans should help those refugees.

“Can you imagine, what I felt in this moment?” Mund wrote. “I know there are some real refugees, but what I see is, that most of them are young moslems coming without a woman to Germany. Our Government seems to be crazy. There are already riots where the refugees live, some raped Christians in those refugee homes etc.”

She petitioned her friends to pray. “We NEED your prayers! Please pray for me, that I will know, what I can do.”

She already knows a part of her duty and that is the preaching of the gospel to those who need Christ.

“Of course I am an evangelist, I have to preach the gospel,” she wrote. “But I still think maybe I can do something else. I want to step into Gods plan for me and for Germany.”

Heidi remarked that other European countries have closed their borders to the Muslim “refugees,” but Germany and Austria have opened their borders completely. Even the Arab States have closed their borders to these Muslim “refugees.”

Sadly, Saudi Arabia won’t actually help these “refugees,” but rather are sending money to Germany to build 200 mosques! Germany and Austria are being invaded, not caring for “refugees.”

“I believe God still has a plan for our country,” wrote Mund. “So many people are hopeless at the moment. We have to give them hope, that not everything is lost. Jesus has given us hope. The other people should find it in us.”

Amen Sister! Hope is found in Christ and if Christians are as hopeless as the world, then we deserve to be ignored. However, King Jesus is still ruling and reigning from Heaven (1 Cor 15:25-28) with all authority in heaven and earth (Matthew 28:18-20) till all His enemies are made His footstool. He has already declared victory. Christians just simply need to move forward and declare that victory to the world and bring the King’s message to the world. Let us not only pray for Heidi and the German Christians, but let us also pray for American Christians that they might show forth the same courage!

See here courageous stand from 2014 below:

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