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Germans Concerned They’ve Lost Control Of Country To Muslim Invaders

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Published on: December 22, 2016

John Bolton is a former Ambassador to the United Nations and was frontrunner for the Secretary of State job until President-elect Trump chose Rex Tillerson for the position. Bolton is a founding proponent of neocon foreign policy, and he is as well-versed on the subject as any political elite since Henry Kissinger.

Bolton recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the recent terrorism that rocked Germany and argued that the German people had lost faith in their leaders and feared that they’d lost control of their nation.

She’s (Prime Minister Angela Merkel) already tried to take some steps inside Germany –calling on bans of women wearing burkas and the like, trying to go after the most visible manifestation of the rise of Islam in Germany. I think the feeling that many Germans have had, and are reluctant to say out loud given Germany’s history, is that they feel they’ve lost control of their country.

It is not a feeling that is unknown elsewhere in Europe, but Merkel has been the biggest symbol across the continent of people who supported this policy. It has aroused a lot of resentment outside of Germany… and I think the question is whether enough Germans believe it was Angela Merkel’s mistake and she loses elections next year.

While Bolton uncovers some real world truths facing the German people, over on MSNBC, the liberals are still living in a fantasyland. Steve Clemons of the Atlantic magazine appeared on the liberal network and promptly began pretending that everything was fine in Germany.

“We’ve seen this point in our history before. World War I, World War II, populations of people that were left outside, countries on ships. By the way, before [was] Israel founded, many Jews which led to the creation of Israel, there was a real shameful period in American history when we would not allow those people without a home to come into the United States.

So, modern society, pluralistic society is largely a welcoming home to those people who are refugees. In this, I think, Angela Merkel has been a champion of that.

“The notion that one or two of these people might be bad apples is no reason at all to pull the plug upon opening refugees. Canada, where I visited recently, has brought in 25,000 plus refugees. The United States is barely at 10,000. It is a very, very small number in this country.

“But I think John Bolton’s very pugnacious attitude about what a country is and really blocking everyone on the outside from coming in is one that is harmful.”

Sadly, Clemons is way off base. Crime has risen dramatically in Germany over the last few years, Muslim refugees have committed hundreds of violent attacks, and episodes of terrorism have become a routine occurrence. This isn’t just “one or two bad apples,” it’s a systematic collapse of the rule of law in Germany.

But, as usual, liberals simply ignore the problem.

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