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Ghost Gunner Do It Yourself AR-15 Machine Sells Out in 36 Hours

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Published on: October 4, 2014

We’re reported on the new technology that is putting fear in the hearts of tyrants: 3d printing. We’ve watched as it has produced an AR-15 semi-automatic pistol, a handgun made totally out of ABS plastic except for the metal firing pin, a metal 1911 handgun, prosthetics and brain tissue, even houses. Now, Cody Wilson has introduced the Ghost Gunner milling machine to produce your own metal AR-15 lower that doesn’t require a serial number, and the first batch sold out in just 36 hours.

RT reports:

A milling machine that allows customers to make the body of an AR-15 rifle has sold out in 36 hours. Despite costing $1,200, there was no shortage of buyers as clients wanted to build part of their own gun – with no serial number – in their own homes.

Defense Distributed, owned by gun rights activist Cody Wilson, managed to sell over 200 computer-numerically-controlled (CNC) milling machines – called Ghost Gunner – with 175 sold within 24 hours of going on sale.

Wilson was surprised at just how quickly his product sold. He had only intended to sell 110 machines, but such is the demand he now intends to employ more staff to give the public what it wants.

Of course, if your curiosity has peaked from reading this, then don’t worry, Wilson says if you missed out that there are more machines on the way, but they’ll cost an extra $100. That’s no big deal considering that only makes it $1300.

Unlike previous versions that were made of ABS plastic, the Ghost Gunner is producing metal AR-15 lower receivers.

Earlier this year, the California senate and assembly passed legislation that would criminalize 3D printing or finishing an 80 percent lower without a serial number, but Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the “Ghost Gun ban.” Surprise!

Wilson takes the fear put out by people like California state senator Kevin de Leon and uses it as a positive reinforcement to continue doing what he’s doing.

“This wouldn’t be worth doing if Kevin de Leόn didn’t know about it,” Wilson told “What excites me is giving this world to the politicians. Our strategy is to literalize and reify their nightmare, to give them the world they’re talking about.”

The potential for violence is always part of the price of freedom and when it comes to a person creating their own firearms, they should be allowed to do so.

“I believe it’s in the stable of popular rights afforded to the people, a republican ideal consistent with civil liberties,” Wilson said.

“You can have an unserialized toothbrush, and you can have an unserialized rifle,” he added. “This is important to me. The untraceable firearm is my stand.”

Check out how Wilson is giving a poke in the eye to the tyrants in California.

Of course, I’m still found of my Joshua Mark 5, but this is some great technology coming down the line for the average American in the future and we should fight against those in office who are seeking to criminalize owning the machines and producing these guns.

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