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Gladys Aylward – Heroine of Chinese Orphans

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Published on: January 23, 2015

“I wasn’t God’s first choice for what I’ve done for China. I don’t know who it was. It must have been a well-educated man. I don’t know what happened. Perhaps he died. Perhaps he wasn’t willing and God looked down and saw Gladys Aylward. And God said – ‘Well, she’s willing’.” – Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward was a Christian woman who saved over 100 Chinese orphan children from the Japanese. Her story took place in the early 1900’s.

Gladys Aylward was a British woman who went to China to be a missionary for God. The only problem was that during the time Gladys came to China, the Japanese were at war with China.

Where Gladys lived, there were lots of children who were orphans. It was not safe for her to risk having so many children in danger. Therefore, someone that Gladys knew, took half of the orphans that were living with her to a safe place called Sian.

However, when the man that she knew was supposed to come back to bring the other half of the children with him safely to Sian, she received word that someone had killed him. This meant that if Gladys truly wanted the orphan children to be safe and not die, she would have to bring them to Sian herself.

Gladys gathered all the rest of the children and started their trip. They walked through mountains, traveled a little by train, walked on foot and made their way pretty much any other way you can think of. They walked through and endured the hardships of it all. Every time they were having a hard time walking, Gladys would always say to the children, “God shall take care of us.”

Finally, after enduring many difficult hardships, they finally made it to Sian. The only problem, was that when she and all the children arrived, there were so many people taking refuge there that they closed the doors on her and the children. It is not that they were being mean, it was just that there were so many people taking refuge there that they could not allow any more refugees.

A man from Sian started telling Gladys that there were so many refugees there, but he told her that another city lied ahead. Obviously, being sad about it, Gladys, who was called “Aih-weh-dah” which means “Virtuous One,” knew she could not give up on the lives of so many children. So, with much courage they continued their journey to safety.

They finally made it to the other city that the man from Sian was talking about. When all the children were safe and warm, the people there called for a doctor for Gladys. She had been very sick during the long trip. When Gladys awoke, she was in bed and she heard the doctor talking to people right next her bed. She heard the doctor telling the people that she had four fatal sicknesses. The doctor also said that it was a miracle she had survived.

Did you know that out of every single one of the children that went with her, they were all brought to safety and not one of them died? You want to talk about “the hand of God”? Look at that!

Well, that is the story of the Chinese Missionary named Gladys Aylward. I hope you understand this story well. If you want to get the kids version of this movie, check out Torchlighters’ the Gladys Aylward story.

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