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God and Country Event Coordinator Hit With $3,000 in Additional Security Fees Due to Threats

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Published on: June 8, 2015

Since the news broadcast about our upcoming event in Michigan and after my last article, which this is a continuation of, things continue to remain hot, and I and my family continue to be under attack.

The posting of my home address has become a more than regular occurrence. As fast as we can report, the abusive behavior continues and it takes Facebook about 24 hours to shut it down. Once they do, another 3 violations pop up. I continue to receive support, but the activity from the radical left is getting more prevalent. Harassing non-stop phone calls to disrupt my business have resumed in full force. Drive by stalkers of my home have become a regular thing.

The school district has now claimed to have received threatening calls from anonymous individuals and that has resulted in an inflated “security concern.” The most recent letter from the District has assessed approximately $3000.00 worth of additional security costs and wishes to pass this cost on to me. One of their stated concerns are the known armed citizens who will be there. Go figure, a government entity afraid of gun-wielding Americans. Wake up America! How is it that violent protesters can govern us to such an extent? I wish we could charge them to protest to offset the cost that they are creating. So, now I have a choice to pay up or cancel my event.

When I question my opposition about the behavior of their brethren as a response to my postings, I am told that I deserve everything I am getting. I share my opinions and, according to their mindset, I deserve to have my business disrupted and vandalized, to be slandered and defamed, my home life disrupted by “looky-loos” and have myself, family, and friends’ lives threatened. How have we gotten to this point? How is it that law breakers and evil doers now have so much control over the rest of us? I believe it is because we have allowed it. The liberal left has been very successful in the past at silencing those that oppose their views. Therefore, they know it works and will continue to do so.

If there was a way to restore order, would we? Would you? There is a way, but it will require a great number of us to get up and stand resolute. Conservative Americans are by far the most notorious for complaining about the State of the Union, but fail to realize they let it occur in the first place. Stop being so selfish. Every man and woman are given 24 hours in a day. You have taken the time to read what I have written and probably absorbed a couple more articles while you’re at it. What are you doing? Are you frustrated with what is going on? We have got to start doing something about it and it is going to require something from each and every one of us.

I don’t mean to come across too hard. I know that a lot of folks are doing what they can. I also know that there are many more that are quite frustrated, but only in private. The minute they are questioned publicly their spine turns to gelatin, much like the men of our modern day pulpits. I want to help you all understand because it hasn’t hit your front porch yet. If I held a moderate position on the issues before, then I most certainly hold a firm one now. After putting my views out publicly, the radical and evil left agenda has come at me in full force. They have exposed themselves for exactly what they are. These people are not harmless hippies. They will stop at nothing to silence those who oppose them. 

You can remain silent, but when they come for you, you will be all alone. As an example, are you concerned about your firearms being confiscated? I have spoken to many, many Americans that take a tough position on this and consistently state: “When they come for my guns I will give them the ammo first!” Sounds tough enough, right? However, as an individual who has done sweep and clear I can tell you if they come for your guns it’s too late. They will pry them from your cold dead hands. I hope my story will awaken at least one more American to the current atrocities. 

The God and Country speaking event with Bradlee Dean and Coach Dave will be this coming Thursday. Details can be found in the event posting at I look forward to seeing whoever can make it and appreciate the support from those who would come, but can’t. My next column will be after the event has taken place and I am sure there will be more things to share. 

Until then…

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