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God Still Heals Today: Watch This Woman’s Testimony of How God Healed Her of Cerebral Palsy!

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Published on: March 21, 2016

We are often inundated with the bad news. However, there is always good news to hear. Normally, when I hear the phrase “good news,” my mind often goes to the Gospel. However, I ran across an amazing testimony to the fact that my God, the Lord Jesus Christ, is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb. 13:8).

This story is about Marlene Klepees. She didn’t attend a charlatan’s rally, like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland or any of these other false teachers (2 Peter 2). Rather, a simple pastor, who believed God still healed but had never actually seen a healing, prayed for her.

Marlene’s parents died in a motorcycle accident when she was just 1-year-old and she was reared by her great grandparents and later placed into foster care.

She developed cerebral palsy.

However, at 12-years-old, Marlene attended a church youth rally and surrendered her life to Jesus Christ.

Marlene said that she believed that God must have wanted her to have cerebral palsy the rest of her life because He “created her that way.” Little did she understand that the God who healed throughout Scripture, and in massive numbers through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, still heals today. Not only that, but the pastor she was to encounter discovered the same thing!

Marlene had been taken to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota because the spasm she had endured were so violent that, at times, she broke the bones of some of those who tried to attend to her. However, after being at the clinic for over two months, ever finances were drained. She, like the woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43-48), had tried the doctors and spent all her money. Now, she was ready to receive what only God could do.

However, she was to be sent to a nursing home, something that she, like most of us, feared the most.

Marlene says that at one point she became so frustrated that she yelled “God stop!”

However, Marlene claims to have had a vision, in which she saw a man praying for her to be healed.

She had a nurse assist her in going through the Yellow Pages under “churches.” When she spotted a text that leaped off the page at her, she said that was the church she should call. After making the call, Pastor Scott Emerson agreed to meet with her and several of the people at his church.

After praying for Marlene, Emmerson asked if she wanted to stand by faith. She did and the more steps she took, the more her feet straightened and the faster she got till she was running around the Church! Does this sound familiar? (Mark 2; Luke 5; Matthew 2; John 5)

Marlene returned to the Mayo Clinic that evening. She was later discharged from the hospital to her home in Missouri.

From the hospital records:

“You returned to the rehabilitation unit that evening walking, something you had never done since your admission to the unit. And when I saw you back at the clinic some weeks later, you’d improved even more and all signs of previous abnormality were gone. You were able to walk perfectly normal and your eyesight had improved so much that you did not need to wear spectacles. We were all very thrilled and happy with the outcome of your condition.”

Her story did not end there. Her life headed in the direction of what most of us call “normal.” She even used the healing she experienced to share what God had done for her and to testify to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how he had worked in her life.

Friends, if God can heal those with cerebral palsy, He can not only deal with your physical ailments, but is also, like the lame man in the passages I presented above, able to forgive you of your violations of His Law. Turn from your sin, put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and see the miracle that God will work in your life too!

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