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Good Cops – Bad Cops

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Published on: July 20, 2018

Some police officers are good and obey and uphold the law and then there are some cops who don’t.

Some police officers are slower than others while others are fast.  Let me explain. Here is a true story about slow cops.

My family and I were eating at a restaurant one day and while we were there, someone stole my Dad and Mom’s phones and my Mom’s computer, as well. We went into the restaurant to call the cops by dialing 911. However, it took them forever to get there.  We had to wait for about 25 minutes. When they finally came, the lady police officer said the criminals popped the lock and that was how they got inside our vehicle. The point is, in this situation the cop was slow.

Here is another true story.

There was a female cop who was off duty that witnessed a robber, who had a gun, come right in the middle of the street into this group of women and children. He tried to steal their purses, but this off-duty police officer, who was also in the crowd, pulled out her gun and shot him in the chest. This police officer acted quickly and quite possibly saved many lives. That is the definition of a fast cop who did her duty. 

Then there was a Muslim guy at a mall in Minnesota who pulled out his knife and began stabbing people all over the mall. Thank God there was an off-duty police officer in the mall who pulled out his gun and shot him, therefore, protecting the lives of all the other innocent people there. That was a good, fast cop!

Finally, there’s another true story about a dog and a cop. There was a guy who tried to steal this girl’s car and he actually got in and drove away, but the cops cornered him and let the dog loose and the dog caught the guy.

Good cops are what we need in America today, who are willing to protect and serve and lay down their lives for others (John 15:13).

If you are considering becoming a police officer or are one already, remember, if you want to be a good cop, obey the law and do not don’t do unlawful things.

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