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Good News! Only 15 People were Shot and Killed Instead of 20 Last Week!

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Published on: July 29, 2015

As I sit back and scroll through the headlines of what is going on in America, I am both sick at heart and appalled. I recently saw a headline about the Lesbian Mayor in Houston losing her fight against the church over ‘transgender’ bathrooms. And while that is obviously good news, I can’t help but think of how far America has fallen. It’s like… we should be rejoicing over this news? That’s like saying 15 people instead of 20 were shot and killed last week. While it’s nice to know that there were not more deaths, should we really act like that’s a victory?

Do you think our Founders would take that as a victory? Or do you think they would be shocked, disgusted and appalled that it even went that far? The first question in their minds probably would have been… “You allowed sodomites in America?
And not only that, but you allowed a sodomite to retain office?” That thought would have never even been conceivable in their minds. Shame on America!

What is wrong with us? I mean sincerely, what is wrong with America? It’s like this nightmare only keeps getting worse and worse. When I was growing up in high school (which was not too long ago), I remember one open sodomite kid in school. Looking back, I can think of two others who were probably questionable, but they didn’t claim to be anything. Now, we have open sodomite kids who are celebrated. We have transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and sodomite clubs openly in school. We have men who are glorified and praised if they are sick, twisted and mentally defunct enough to try to change themselves into a woman (which is not possible by the way) and so much more. We have schools in America that ban soda pop, but openly give away birth control without parental consent. Is there something wrong with this picture?

What are we breeding in our schools among our young? It’s as if this lawless, wicked, and abominable government (that is to say this administration and the wicked men and women themselves – not the Constitution) says to our nation’s children, “We want you to be as corrupt, vile and guilt ridden as we are; so we can continue to destroy and you’ll be so dummied down that you’ll actually help us do it!”

We’ve indoctrinated you through music, movies, pop culture and more. We’ve celebrated and thrown in your face vile musicians such as Miley Cyrus, Eminem and Madonna. We’ve given you uncensored Hollywood with is glorification of sex, violence, drugs and more so as to teach you to indulge in all kinds of filth and promiscuity. Don’t worry, you’re just like us now and where you are innocent, we want to make you guilty. Where you are clean, we want to make you dirty. Where you have some reverence for God, we’ll throw you into our universities and laugh at you and threaten to hold your degree from you if think God exists or stand upon Biblical truths.

America, why have things been allowed to go this far in the first place? It’s because this nation, as a whole, has forsaken God and the people (namely the “professed church”) have allowed this country to be demoralized.

As John Adams rightfully said, “The Church is the moral compass of society.” You see, God’s standards are very high and sinful man’s is pathetically low (Read Exodus 20). It reminds me of the time I called a local movie theater once to see if there were any clean family films that were playing.  As the guy who answered the phone was telling me about a particular show I said, “Is it clean?”  And he said, “There’s no nudity in it.”  What? Obviously, his standard of what was considered “clean” and mine were extremely different. My standard was very high and his standard was very low.  And so it is with the things of God.

God’s standards for us are very high (Isaiah 55:8-9; Exodus 20). His Moral Law is the absolute peak of holiness and righteousness.  The problem is that man’s standards are very low in comparison with Gods.  If you take any man or woman on the streets and bring them through the Ten Commandments, when you ask them if they ever told a lie before, or stole anything, the typical response will be “Well, I’m human” or “Everybody does those things.”  Their standard of righteousness is according to the fallen and sinful condition of other men, not the high peak of righteousness found on Mount Sinai where God gave Moses his Holy Law (The Ten Commandments – Deuteronomy 5).

We shouldn’t try to lower God’s standard to conform to our sinful condition, we should bring our sinful condition to the foot of the cross and repent (I John 1:9). That is when we will be united with Christ (John 15) and through grace we will be brought up to His standard of righteousness. There is no standard, but God’s. There is no victory in that which we should be ashamed. I am so appalled at the state of America that it’s hard for me to even put words to my thoughts and feelings. God help us to conform to His standard and not settling for anything less than an absolute restoration of this Republic as one nation under God, with God’s standards of morality and righteousness and not our own. Then, and only then, will we have a true victory! 

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