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GOP State Shutdown Worth Risk

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Published on: February 17, 2015

According to, the fight to fund the Department of Homeland Security has reached a stalemate as “Democrats’ refusal for vote for anything but a clean bill” threatens shutdown of only part of the DHS. The Hill reports that “hard-line GOP conservatives aren’t worried about the looming Department of Homeland Security shut down,” believing that Republicans will not suffer political “fallout” from their course and hopefully “force the hand of Democrats even though leadership is keep to avoid a shutdown.”

Republican Florida Rep. Curt Clawson stated, “I’m just not that scared of sticking to principles and filling campaign promises that we made back home, irrespective of what leadership tells us to do here.”

Rep. Paul Gosar, (R-AZ) told The Hill, “It’s worth having this fight.”

According to Louisiana Republican Rep. John Fleming, the shutdown would be in only one department affecting a small number of people in that department. This is different than the October 2013 shutdown of government, if you could call that event a “shutdown,” where Republicans received public backlash in opinion polls.

Fleming stated, “But again, nobody has a goal here of shutting anything down. The goal here is to get the president to get right with the Constitution that he swore an oath to uphold.”

These are great sentiments and ones the conservative Republican base would like to see – a president and Congress that actually upholds their oath to the Constitution. However, many Republicans, including the GOP leadership, are hell-bent and determined to avoid any type of shutdown, even if it means betraying American citizens. Some Republicans contend that the voters in November sent the “party” to Washington to govern effectively.

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA) stated, “This strategy was never designed to succeed. Everybody knows that. So now we have to face the reality and do what the American public sent us here to do, which is to govern and fund the Homeland Security department.” Dent also suggested that defunding a portion of DHS would be “unwise given the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) and terrorism.”

Echoing that sentiment to “govern effectively,” Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL) has stated that a shutdown is not “livable” or “acceptable.” Kirk stated, “When you’re in the majority, you have to govern. You have to govern responsibly. And shutdowns are not responsible.”

Personally, I disagree with Dent and Kirk. Elected officials were sent to Washington to uphold the Constitution. By allowing Obama to get a continued “pass” on illegal, unconstitutional over-reach, the House and Senate are “governing irresponsibly.” To go even further, one has to admit Obama has committed treason, as has the House and Senate by continuing to allow Obama to operate with impunity and by violating their oaths of office. And, one has to question why the House and Senate, in the past, would allow a constitutional power – making and enforcing immigration law – to fall under a department which is clearly unconstitutional and why is this allowed to continue?

The Department of Homeland Security was born out of the PATRIOT Act, which was nothing more than an unconstitutional law directed at eradicating unalienable individual God-given rights from citizens under the guise of “safety.” Now, all agencies and departments that direct and enforce immigration laws falls under the unconstitutional DHS. How convenient.

It has led to Democrats, establishment Republicans and RINOs to argue that any lack of funding for any type of activity done by DHS, read Obama’s illegal amnesty, would jeopardize the “safety” of the citizens because of the rise of ISIS and terrorism. However, have not these traitors engaged in compromising not only citizen safety but US sovereignty by supporting “amnesty” and an open border?

Dent basically let the cat out of the bag when he said, “this strategy was never designed to succeed” and “everybody knows it.” Expanding on this, one could state that the GOP establishment, RINOs and GOP leadership put forth “a red herring” in order to engage in more rhetoric of trying to do something while selling out the citizenry. What a tangled web they weave!

Now, Congress is on a ten-day recess while the issue of illegal alien amnesty continues forward. Only one member of Congress suggested that lawmakers forget about a recess and continue working – Republican Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador.

“Forget about recess,” Labrador stated at an event held at the Heritage Foundation. “Imagine what the American people will think about our party, the Republican party, if we stay here for a week, we decide not to go on recess, and we actually fight for the principles that the American people sent us here to fight for.”

That is a great idea for sure as long as the principles that are being fought for are our founding principles and upholding the Constitution.

Labrador maintains that “aggressively challenging” Obama is “good politics for Republicans.” He said, “It’s simple: when you fight for what you believe in, you win elections.”

Labrador in one statement suggests fighting for the principles the American people elected them to fight for then suggests that elected officials should “fight for what they believe in” to win elections. Members of the legislative branch are there to uphold the Supreme Law of the Land – The Constitution of the United States of America – regardless of what they believe or what Americans elected them to do, as some voters elected officials who go against the Constitution and our founding principles. And, Labrador should understand this is not about “good politics” but about preserving our national sovereignty through upholding constitutional laws.

It’s plain to see that regardless of party, each are “playing politics” instead of upholding the Constitution. These supposed adults should put away childish things, quit “playing politics” and perform the duty they were elected to perform or get out.

All unconstitutional tenets of the Department of Homeland Security should be defunded. Americans have long had their fill of DHS attempting to eradicate our rights and engaging in activities that would lead one to believe their intent is subjugation of American citizens instead of “protecting” them. Immigration should be removed from being under the authority of an unconstitutional agency and our immigration laws enforced in full while removing the EB 5 visa program and the “anchor baby” provision for starters.

That won’t be forthcoming, as Dent stated, this was a setup for failure. Once again, Republicans have sold out, while mounting a meager opposition, and Americans will suffer the consequences.

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