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Gov. Cuomo Calls for Government Shutdown While Pelosi Says Government Should Remain Open—Both over Unconstitutional Actions

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Published on: September 28, 2015

When looking at the Democratic Party, one can see clowns on the left and jokers on the right. It doesn’t get any better in the Republican Party either. Because of this, America is witness to incessant “dog and pony” shows where the only accomplishments made by both parties and chambers fleeces the American public, promotes lawlessness, enriches corporations, and hands this nation over to the elite piece by piece, bit by bit. As each side blames each other for “causing problems with governance,” both sides share in the ridiculousness that emanates from Washington, District of Corruption.

On Friday, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had this to say in front of the camera.

What’s important is what we do for the American people across the country. And what we must do is keep government open and remove all doubt in anyone’s mind of/that the ideology of an extreme element of the Republican Party is not going to dominate how our country meets the needs of the American people. And, they’re not going to sacrifice the lives and health of… of women, uh, by shutting down the government with the excuse that is about Planned Parenthood. For them, any excuse will do.

Apparently, Pelosi is against shutting down government on issues brought to the floor by Republicans as “any excuse will do” to shut down government. In this incident, it happens to be funding for Planned Parenthood. The question inquiring minds want to know is “would Democrats support a shut-down of government for an issue they brought to the floor?”

The day after these remarks by Pelosi, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, speaking at the funeral of his aide who was murdered by a stray bullet, called on Democrats in corrupt Washington to “shut down government until they get a gun control bill that works.” Cuomo declared that gun violence in New York City and the State was out of control. “The fact that our governments do nothing about it is unforgivable,” he said. “It really is unforgivable.”

During the emotion-laden eulogy, Cuomo stated, “If the far right is willing to shut down government because they don’t get a tax cut for the rich, then our people should have the same resolve and threaten to shut down government if they don’t get a real gun control law to stop killing of their innocents.”

So, killing of innocents by the thousands per day by women in the form of baby murder, championed by Democrats, is acceptable; but, killing of an innocent by a gun is not. Murder is murder and killing of innocents is killing of innocents. However, the Democrats like to split hairs over the difference in abortion and murder by gunfire. Women have the right to murder their babies in the womb. Women have the right to ask others to help them commit murder. In the case of abortion, Democrats recognize an individual killing another as acceptable as long as the other individual is inside their body. In the case of an individual killing another using a gun, Democrats recognize murder is committed by the gun, not an individual, which results in the push for gun control laws that will lead to confiscation, infringing on law-abiding citizens only, in order to “stop killing of their innocents.”

Democrats, like Cuomo, believe this convoluted logic so staunchly they cannot see the stupidity in their own remarks.

According to Pelosi, it is almost imperative that government remain open and only the “extreme element of the Republican Party” wants to dominate how government meets the needs of the people in this country. Evidently, Cuomo didn’t get the memo. Pelosi contends the Republicans will use any excuse to shut down government. But, wouldn’t the Democrats as well when it comes to their “pet” issues? Cuomo, a Democrat, is calling for just that.

At the last government shut-down, Republicans held all of the aces yet capitulated to Obama and Democrats. Only a small portion of government was closed — the non-essential elements of government. Did anyone notice any change? Nope, because the majority of government remained open while Obama and crew threw a “hissy fit” by closing open wilderness parks and open-air memorials, such as the World War II memorial, Lincoln memorial, etc. and taking a swipe at active duty military members by denying pay. Sen. Harry Reid exhibited contrite callousness when responding to a reporter concerning treatments for a child with cancer. So, what Democrats did in response to the very limited government shut-down was use the opportunity to inflict trauma on the American public while blaming Republicans for their “hissy fit” actions.

In the case of funding for Planned Parenthood, it is funding the government should not be providing in the first place. Republicans, after the horrendous videos released showing impropriety regarding harvesting of organs, put forth a bill to defund PP — a bill which Democrats oppose and will filibuster. In this instance, the scenario is reversed from the previous — Republicans filibustered Obamacare. Democrats blamed Republicans for that shut-down due to being opposed to their funding plan. Yes, Republicans did cause the shutdown, which conservative America rallied behind as Obamacare is unconstitutional. If government shuts down this time, Democrats will be responsible for opposing the defunding of PP; but, Democrats already plan to blame Republicans. So, it all amounts to “any excuse to blame Republicans” as far as Democrats are concerned. This demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Democrats — they’ll shut-down government over their “pet” issues while blaming Republicans.

It all boils down to the authority of government outlined in the Constitution. Government has zero authority to mandate purchase of health care insurance, provide health care insurance or meddle in health care period. The Constitution does not provide for government to fund private organizations such as Planned Parenthood as it limits government spending to the enumerated powers of Congress. The Second Amendment declares the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed period, meaning any level of government.

The Constitutional approach indicates it is appropriate and lawful to defund Planned Parenthood and inappropriate and unlawful to enact gun control legislation at any government level.

Pelosi supports and defends the “killing of innocents” citing the mantra of it being about “women’s lives and health” to declare government should remain functioning. Cuomo, on the other hand, demands Democrats shut down government to stop the “killing of innocents.” In both instances, Democrats are supporting continued violations of the Constitution. However, the Republican track record indicates their approach is no better.

Here America is again faced with clowns, jokers, dogs and ponies, proving once again the District of Corruption is a three-ring circus. Dogs ride ponies while ponies ride elephants as the clowns enter and exit the clown car. The clowns transform into jokers parading around as jacka****. Think how much money Americans pour into Washington for this type of entertainment these charlatans call governance.

Should a government shut-down occur again, it will be as last time — only non-essential agencies, but made out to be a catastrophe by Democrats and Obama’s lapdog media. However, it will provide Democrats and Obama another opportunity to pitch a “hissy fit” and engage in extortion on a petty level to get Republicans to capitulate. Republicans will cave as it is their modus operandi. Personally, this current government can shut-down, all of it, and remain closed. Both sides of the aisle are in need of a real “attitude adjustment” and this “hissy fit” pitching, petty, selfish, Muslim, Christian hating, sodomite, scarecrow suit of a president needs a good old fashioned “taking to the wood shed.”

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