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Governor Kristi Noam Turns – Now Promotes Experimental Injections: Don’t These Politicians Have The Same Information That The Rest Of Us Do? Of Course, They Do!

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Published on: June 19, 2021

Governor Kristi Noam says she is “trusting people to do the right thing.”

Up until this point concerning this plandemic that we have endured for about 14 months now, I have continually paid attention to every little detail that I could find.

Those details range from the history of governments created crisis-conspiracies (Jeremiah 11:9)…

To the politicians being exposed for playing “political theatre” (Luke 12:2)…

To the same ones selling you the fear are the same ones selling you the virus…

To that of what it is that they are trying to sell you…

And then to the truth of the effects of these experimental injections (Leviticus 17:11, 19:19).

With all of this exposed, I have to ask the question as to why it is that we have all this information and yet, we see these politicians continuously push forth the illegalities of this propaganda agenda (John 8:44).

Dakota News reported: Noem gets vaccine, marks opening of vaccine eligibility

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem marked the occasion of the state opening vaccines to adults 16 and older by receiving her first dose of the vaccine.

The governor, who has taken a mostly hands-off approach to restrictions during the pandemic, has encouraged people to get the vaccine. She says she is “trusting people to do the right thing.”

Health officials reported that 46% of the state’s population has received one dose of a vaccine. South Dakota also has one of the nation’s highest rates of people fully vaccinated – about 25% of the population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I’m sorry, friends, is this not the same governor that stood against the tyrants and yet, now is endorsing the same tyrants?  Why yes, it is (Matthew 23:3).

Another Federal Judge Rules That Coronavirus Shut Downs Are Unconstitutional – Of Course They Are!

She knows that the plandemic was, and is, illegal as far as the forced compliance measures go, but now, somehow, she trusts the CDC, the WHO, the NIH, Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates? Give me a break!  As I have said from the very beginning with Kristi Noam, “watch out,” and this is exactly why.

Federal Judge: ‘There Is NO Pandemic Exception To The Constitution’ – Then Why Are Americans Going Along With It?

In conclusion: We have seen politician after politician that has been sold to the people as if they were for the people only to find out, when giving them enough time, where it is that they ultimately turn on them (Luke 22:48), and here is just one more case of that truth. At the end of the day, it just shows you who it is that they are working for and it isn’t “We the People!”

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