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Governor Ryan Bundy? Rancher Who Beat Federal Charges Throws His Hat Into Nevada Governor’s Race

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Published on: March 26, 2018

Ryan Bundy, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, has announced that he will be seeking to be governor of the state of Nevada.

Imagine that!  A man that actually knows the Constitution and is willing to teach others not only with his mouth but also in his actions what it means to follow its guidelines.

The story about Bundy came out earlier this month but though the press was more than willing to aid in crucifying him, his brother, his father and a host of patriotic supporters both in Nevada and Oregon, they barely made a peep when the news came out.

Reuters reported that Bundy planned to run on a states’ rights platform, something that is desperately needed in every state but especially in western states of the US.

“I intend to secure the sovereignty of the state of Nevada and its land and resources for the people of Nevada,” Bundy told Reuters.

Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval is limited by law from seeking a third term and Bundy believes there is no one else seeking the office that will stand for states rights.

“We will do whatever it takes, and that means whatever it takes,” Bundy told FOX 5 in Las Vegas. “If running for governor is what it takes to preserve our freedom, well then that’s part of it.”

Two hundred fifty signatures of registered voters must be obtained by Bundy by June 1 to qualify for the ballot, according to Nevada law.

One thing we know is that the Bundy family are not afraid to stand on principles.  They demonstrated that both in Nevada against the unconstitutional Bureau of Land Management who engaged in unlawful actions, along with the FBI, against the Bundys and their supporters, and the feds and others in Oregon.

Though Bundy spent nearly two years in jail after being arrested in Oregon on January 26, 2016, he was acquitted of all charges against him in Oregon and had his case dismissed with “prejudice” in Nevada due to multiple Brady violations by federal prosecutor Steven Myhre, whom we are seeking to have brought to justice for his crimes.  Sign the petition here!

In an exclusive interview with NorthWest Liberty News’ Jim White, Bundy said that it wasn’t just a failure of the federal government to protect his life, liberty and property when armed agents from the Bureau of Land Management and FBI showed up on his family’s land, but it was the state government’s failure to do so, as well.

“That’s why I’m running for governor,” Bundy said.

Bundy said that he was very concerned about many of the men who came to support him and his family, but because of the heavy handed tactics of the federal government, the violation of rights and other pressures brought to bear on some of these men, they pled guilty to crimes that Bundy says they did not commit, and even those who were found guilty, Bundy claims they did not commit crimes, but were still “convicted men.”

I care deeply for these men,” he said.

Ryan Bundy desires to help these men, and not just those who were in trials with him, but those who have been railroaded by the system.  Like me, Bundy does not agree with the penal system.  It is an unjust system not only for those who are convicted, but also for the victims of crime and for those who have nothing to do with either.

Though Bundy wants to improve his ranch and spending time with his wife and children, he believes that this opportunity to be governor is an opportunity to help those men and the people of Nevada.

“I feel compelled to fulfill this role because I do not see anyone else who will do it properly, who will protect the lives and liberty so, here I am,” he said.

Of course, Bundy is one that is a big advocate of property rights, grazing rights and water rights, which his family had to deal with both in the Nevada trial and in the Oregon trial.

As a rancher, Bundy says he is absolutely amazed that the issue of federal land ownership is confusing to people when it is so clearly laid out in the Constitution.  However, the reason it is confusing to people is because people are ignorant of what the Constitution actually says.  Just take a look at the representatives.  I’ll bet 95% or better could not even name the first ten amendments to the Constitution let alone tell you what their responsibilities are that are outlined in that same Constitution.

Ryan Bundy paints a picture of the union as a piece of cloth in which the fabric is the states and they are simply held together by the thread of the federal government and the fibers contained are the people, but the federal government is no the focus, the individual states are.  The federal government is our creature, not the other way around, but to hear political commentators and little Communists marching on DC this past weekend, you would think those roles were reversed.

When asked about the Second Amendment, which is currently under attack, and whether or not he would support a curriculum in the schools to teach gun safety and training, he advocated rights protected under the Second Amendment and for a gun safety and training course in schools as part of the curriculum in every school.  He also said he would support clear teaching on the Second Amendment, as well as the Constitution.

If you are interested in learning more about Bundy’s candidacy for governor, you can visit his Facebook page here and follow him on Twitter here.

Be sure to listen to the entire interview.  I think you will find it informative.

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