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Governor Tim Waltz: The Next Jim Jones?

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Published on: November 20, 2020

Last night, the governor of Minnesota announced another shut down in the state. The problem with his speech is that, to the careless ear, he sounds like he knows what he is talking about. That is the problem in Minnesota and the people are careless about what they believe. The more the COVID-19 situation continues, the more people in government appear like cult leaders instead of legitimate government.

Governor Tim Waltz delivered his cult-like rants on the week that was the anniversary of the Jones Town mass murder. For those of you who do not know about Jim Jones, get the movie, and do some research.  You should know about manipulation. Way back when I was in the Air Force, my squadron hauled some of the bodies out of Jones Town. I did not fly any of those missions, but I had friends who did. One friend told me how they had to put the bodies in two body bags because they had rotted so badly in the jungle. Even though it was years later, he could still smell the stink when he thought about it. It is dangerous to give people too much power. No matter what, even if you trust them, even if you are frightened, giving people power is dangerous. That is the first thing we know about COVID-19: People are not being careful as to how much power is being taken over their lives.

Another thing we know is our government and the doctors are constantly contradicting themselves. One day they say masks do not work, and then they want to force us to use masks. Obviously, they were wrong, the only question was, when?

Some doctors are great and have developed treatments that have helped a lot of people. The government and media have attacked these people saying we must have studies to know if something has helped us. However, they have no studies that prove lockdown downs do not hurt us. They have more double standards than Jim Jones did, and some people are just blindly obeying them.

I like doctors. I have a lot of respect for them. Especially after all the years that I have worked with them as an Emergency Medical Technician. The sad reality is them being my friend does not make them right. Sometimes, when the people we care about are hurting themselves and others, we prove we love them by telling them what they need to hear, even if they do not want to hear it. The doctors are in a bad position. Doctor Scott Jensen has been attacked horribly for telling the truth and exposing the lies.

What many people do not realize is that Doctor Jensen has exposed an even greater problem. If your doctor tells you the truth, and the pharmaceutical companies, media or government, do not like that truth, your doctor is in trouble. Licensing has now become a weapon. I like my doctor. I like all the doctors I work with, but that does not mean I can trust them. If telling me the truth will give them the problems that Doctor Jensen has gotten, I do not expect them to tell me the truth.

Some may say I am calling doctors dishonest.  Well, honesty tends to go away with fear. Doctors may be more afraid of the media and losing their license than what your or my opinion of them is. It is the sad reality. You trust them at your own risk. What will this lockdown do to your health? Nobody knows? Do the doctors care? If they do, very few dare tell you.

One thing I do know is that in my county, the last time I checked, there were only 4 deaths that they claimed were from COVID-19. I was told by one of the 4’s neighbors, that he was 94 and had terminal leukemia. He had been given 3 months to live and he lived 4 months. It took a half a year for him to be 1 of 4 deaths they called a COVID-19 death. That is out of a population of about 36,000 people. Sad, very sad. I like these people, but I do not trust them anymore. It does not matter if they are afraid. Fear does not make them honest.

I do know there have been a lot of suicides in our county. There have been more suicide attempts in my town than COVID-19 deaths in my entire county. It grieves me as an EMT to respond to a suicide, attempted suicide or death.

We need to have honest discussions about the harm the governor refuses to admit he is causing. Like Jim Jones, the governor has deceived himself, as well as his followers. We need to stop the governor before he turns Minnesota into Jones Town.

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