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Gray State – FEMA Camp Movie Writer Found Dead with Wife & Daughter in “Murder-Suicide”

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Published on: January 19, 2015

Gray State Screenwriter David Crowley, his wife and five-year-old daughter were found dead on Sunday morning in a Minnesota home in what is being called a murder-suicide.

Crowley, 29, his wife Komel, 28 and their five-year-old daughter were found after their next door neighbor Collin Prochnow discovered their bodies and notified the Apple Valley Police.

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Prochnow told the Star Tribune that he had simply went over to gather packages from the family’s front porch when he looked inside and noticed the bodies and the family dog in the house.

Crowley was the screenwriter for a controversial FEMA camp movie titled Gray State. The film depicts what Crowley envisioned happening following an economic collapse and breakdown of society in America. Watch the trailer below.

The Daily Mail also provided additional details on the Crowleys.

On his Intsagram, Crowley posted pictures of himself holding weapons and wearing hunting attire

He was also filmed in a video for the Bullet Exchange, a supplier of military and police film props.  

According to Mrs Crowley’s career profile, she is a self-employed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) with six years experience in counseling, medical nutrition therapy, eating psychology, and functional medicine.

She also ran a consulting firm known as MindBody Dietitians.

Bill and Alice Hixson, who lived across the street from the Crowley house for the past 21 years told the Tribune that they witnessed the father and daughter playing in the back yard recently.

“It’s such a grisly, gruesome thing,” Alice Hixson said.

The Apple Valley Police Department is being assisted in their investigation by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Dakota County Sheriff’s Office.

Police aren’t saying how long the family had been dead, but according to Prochnow it appears that they may have been killed before Christmas due to the number of packages on their front porch.

Crowley had begun a Facebook page to document his how his film was coming along. Back in June of 2014, Crowley explained how things had been moving along.

The past month I’ve been meeting with some LA-based producers, crew, and other industry contacts, and together we are building the team that will combine our passions and talents and belief in Gray State to optimize its message and reach of its exposure. This has been a truly exhilarating experience!

My attorney and I are reviewing the option contract this week, and once that sucker is signed this whole Gray State thing is going to finally, irretrievably, and monstrously take off for the stratosphere – and in such a way that the message will be preserved – and perhaps even continue in sequels, TV series, and video games. Seriously. Talk about taking over the main stream.

This has been my life’s work for nearly 4 years, and it is extremely gratifying to be backed by such a raging horde of super-fans. Thanks for your patience guys. See you at the premiere.

In September, Crowley fielded questions from followers on Facebook about the film. The film was not complete at the time of his death, even though it was being put together for the past four years. Unfortunately, Crowley indicated that there were no big funders of his project.

In wake of the news of the death of Crowley, the Gray State Facebook page posted the following on Sunday:

It is with great sadness and regret that I have to write this….Gray State founder, director and screenwriter David Crowley and his family have passed away. Please pray for their families and friends of which they had many.

We will try and keep you all posted, but this page will go dark for awhile as the future of Gray State is uncertain…please understand we are all in complete shock by this having lost a great friend.

Let’s see what all will come out concerning this incident following the “official” investigation.

I don’t know about you, but something in all of this tells me that something is rotten in Denmark. What about you?

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