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Great Neck High School covers up for student who posted Hitler photoshop: “I’d rather be gassing Jews right now”

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Published on: March 22, 2015

Look at this photo featuring a student from the Great Neck Public Schools — Great Neck High School South.

This image was posted by a student on the Great Neck South Fresh High School Facebook page. It depicts a kid trying to look like Hitler, wearing a swastika and a mustache, with the caption, “I’d rather be gassing Jews right now.”

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 Great Neck High School covers up for student who posted Hitler photoshop: I’d rather be gassing Jews right now

Can you imagine if this had been said about anyone other than Jews? This is outrageous. And there is a huge uproar in the Great Neck community over it. Nonetheless, thus far the school system refuses to identify the student.

Who is the student – will he or she be suspended? Removing the photo is not an answer.

If they do not identify and suspend – they will be compelled to do so.

The student MUST be identified and suspended. Have Great Neck school board officials no decency?

If Great Neck South does not identify and suspend the student, it will be vivid testimony to how antisemitism has been made normal again in the age of Obama.

Still, it’s Incredible – Great Neck receives enormous sums in tax dollars from wealthy Jews. Yet they still refuse to identify this anti-Semite.

Something is rotten in Great Neck. In April 2013, a Great Neck official, Habeeb Ahmed, strong-armed a Long Island synagogue into silencing free speech and enforcing the Shariah by canceling my scheduled speech there. Leftist goons, pushed and prodded by Islamic supremacist Habeeb Ahmed and his co-conspirators, threatened a march on the shul (among other things) on the day I had been scheduled to speak, which was a Sunday. Imagine how terrorized the Sunday school children would have been. What was outrageous was that this Islamic supremacist would be telling a synagogue that a fellow Jew couldn’t speak.

Rabbi Yoseph Geisinsky of Chabad of Great Neck invited me to speak at his synagogue instead, and I addressed to an overflow crowd there – but that didn’t make Ahmed’s smear campaign and attempt to silence me forcibly any less outrageous. Ahmed’s conduct was so far out of bounds that the Nassau County Attorney’s office opened an investigation to determine whether he “misused his title” in his thuggish campaign against free speech and the truth about Islam and jihad.

What is wrong with Great Neck? The school should have notified the police.
This must be investigated, the student needs to be identified and dealt with so there is no misunderstanding that hatred, intimidation, and threats of violence will not be tolerated.

Politely call and email ask for justice.
Town Supervisor Judi Bosworth
Phone: 516-869-6311
Email: [email protected]

Great Neck Public Schools
Phipps Administration Building
345 Lakeville Road
Great Neck, NY 11020

Dr. Thomas P. Dolan, Superintendent of Schools

[email protected]

(516) 441-4001 (516) 441-4994


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