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Great Reset, Climate Change & Pandemic: The Trifecta Of Destruction

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Published on: November 29, 2022

No one likes to say “I told you so”. Instead, let’s just say “you were warned” – not only from alternative media sources, but from the horse’s patoot himself, Klaus Schwab and his “World Economic Forum” (WEF). The famous phrase – “You will own nothing, and be happy” – has been the source of memes, jokes, serious writings, and hypotheses galore. Now, one country is going so far as to “force farmers” to sell their land since 50% of that country’s emissions come from agriculture.

The Great Reset is in full gear in the Netherlands as the country’s government moves to shut down thousands of farms.

To comply with the European Union’s radical climate laws, the Dutch government of World Economic Forum acolyte Mark Rutte will force up to 3,000 farms to shut down for good.

Farmers will be made an offer on their farms, which the government claims is “well over” market value.

According to nitrogen minister Christianne van der Wal, the government purchase will be compulsory.

“There is no better offer coming,” claimed van der Wal.

Recent EU nature preservation rules require member states to reduce emissions across sectors of the economy.

As one of Europe’s most prominent farming nations, half of the Netherlands’ emissions come from agricultural activity.

Rutte has warned that those who refuse to comply could face government force.

When the Dutch government announced a nitrogen fertilizer reduction mandate, the country saw nationwide protests from farmers.

Former agricultural minister resigned from his position as a result of the movement.

The Dutch farmer protests received international attention, with protests popping up in Canada in support of the uprising.

Rutte’s government policies have many observers concerned about the direction he is taking the country.

Earlier this month, the country’s finance minister Sigrid Kaag proposed a law to allow banks to spy on transactions of citizens which totaled more than €100.

Privacy watchdog Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens called the bill an unprecedented “surveillance of the Dutch” people.

The Netherlands actually has a “nitrogen minister”. Wait, isn’t the “dreaded climate change” caused by man (no such thing) caused by too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? As it turns out, an internet search produces a plethora of “information” claiming that nitrogen “pollution” makes the global warming/climate change “problem” worse. Never mind that our atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen and plants need nitrogen for the chlorophyll molecule. Learn about the nitrogen cycle. Since plants cannot take nitrogen from the air, a process called “nitrogen fixation” has to occur. Learn about nitrogen fixing plants and nitrogen fixing crops.

In case you didn’t know, the Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world – united States is first. What is going to be the result of shutting down by force of 3,000 farms in the Netherlands? The farmers will own “nothing” because they will lose their livelihood and the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products will be exporting less agricultural products. This means food shortages. It is the unnatural coupling of “anthropogenic climate change” with WEF’s “Great Reset”.

Along the same lines, Germany is reducing its production of meat to fight “global warming”.

Germany is still caught up in the demands of the climate change lobby to reduce its carbon footprint drastically in the coming years. One part of this initiative, similar to calls we’ve seen from activists in the United States, was a mandate to reduce all livestock on German farms by 50%. Farmers have been protesting the decision in the same way they recently did in the Netherlands this summer, but the initiative is moving forward beginning this year. Now, to the great surprise of nobody who has been paying attention, the German Meat Industry Association has reported that the country will be facing a severe meat shortage by the time spring arrives and consumers should expect prices to skyrocket, potentially doubling in some cases.

Fertilizer in Germany is also going to be cut in half, meaning less production of vegetables. With the reduction in livestock, German farmers will have less “natural fertilizer” and will need to rely on the “artificial” kind.

But on top of that, the domestic supply of natural fertilizer will be cut in half. This is projected to lead to reductions in the volume of vegetables that will be produced. The lack of natural fertilizers (i.e. manure) will force farmers to switch to more expensive artificial fertilizers. As a bonus to all of this badness and madness, the artificial fertilizers require the use of large amounts of ammonia (which is converted to urea), and all of that ammonia is produced via a process that requires the burning of significant amounts of natural gas, thereby negating much of the carbon reduction goals that are driving this decision.

German farmers will be going bankrupt causing residents of Germany to be left with shortages of food which will almost double in price. This is “The Great Reset”.

But, it doesn’t stop there. The World Health Organization (WHO) “declared that climate is the greatest health threat of the twenty-first century, and if the climate is left unchecked we will get more COVID-like viruses.”  Funny, wasn’t the world told that the CONvid-1984 planned scamdemic was the greatest health threat of our time? The big discussion on The Ezra Levant Show aired on November 18, 2022. Listen to the excerpt at Rebel News.

… The Ezra Levant Show, guest host Sheila Gunn Reid spoke to Marc Morano, creator of, about the World Economic Forum’s plans to use the ‘COVID template’ of micro-monitoring individuals in order to fight climate change.

The World Health Organization has declared that climate is the greatest health threat of the twenty-first century, and if the climate is left unchecked we will get more COVID-like viruses.

“So, if you don’t support the net-zero, Green New Deal, U.N. climate agenda, you are a grandma killer because that’s gonna lead to more runaway viruses,” said Morano.

Morano talked about how Al Gore joined forces with Google to come up with the ‘Climate Trace Initiative’ which is essentially a carbon social credit system that will monitor 70,000+ individual CO2 emitters such as farms, factories, and businesses.

“Mastercard and the UN last year announced their partnership for these carbon footprint monitoring credit cards. In other words, if you’re spending money it’s gonna monitor it, if you’re buying meat, gas, putting your thermostat too high, spending money on energy bills, then whammo, it cuts off your ability to spend once you hit your carbon max. World Economic Forum praised this credit card, Visa this year is joining it,” he said.

WEFs Great Reset and WHOs “pandemic authority” has joined forces to manage all of us “disease carrying carbon emitting” vectors. No longer is anyone considered a human being with God-given rights – nope. You are now considered to be a “vector” of disease and carbon emissions that must be managed right down to your bodily functions. It’s the trifecta of destruction for humanity.

People were repeatedly warned about the uprising of global totalitarian rule and how they were being sold out by their government to it. Many didn’t listen with a lot buying into the bull manure. Too bad the verbal bull manure from these totalitarian insane critons can’t be used for fertilizer.

Do you know what is going to “kill grandma”? It will be hypothermia from the inability to heat her home in the winter; heat stroke from the inability to cool her home in summer; malnutrition from lack of proper nutrients due to engineered food shortages; medical malfeasance due to compliance with “top down” medical dictates followed by medical lemmings; and, lack of basic human rights producing little hope for the future. And, in some cases, what will “kill grandma” is the promotion of immoral, unethical, and always illegal authorized physician murder, despite what pseudo-laws are passed. What is going to “kill grandma” is the ignorance of the young and older alike.

The freight train of totalitarianism with its “three cars” approach is barreling along the tracks at breakneck speed with no slowing in sight. It gains speed with compliance of some of the people and some people “begging” for their own destruction, under the illusion “it’s all for the common good”. Such is the argument of tyrants and the creed of slaves. Noncompliant individuals are to be crushed or eliminated by force. While some of the people are calling for the “killing of grandma” through the support of these inane totalitarian policies of the three cars approach, many of us are trying to save grandma from the devastation to come by disobedience and resistance. It is long overdue to choose a side.

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