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Greta Thunberg Criticized By Putin Before UN & Congress While Americans Are Shunned

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Published on: October 4, 2019

Constitutionalists, Christians and conservatives will agree the progressive, liberal anti-constitutionalists, Democrats, and others have no shame when it comes to using anything and everything, including anyone and everyone, to press their point no matter how wrong it is.  And, when the facts do not support their agenda, they just fabricate lies.  The most shameful activity in which this group engages is the use and abuse of children to push their rhetoric and false narrative.   In the united States, the most famous children of the anti-constitutionalists are David Hogg and his merry band of gun-grabbing, uninformed classmates from Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  In Sweden, it is 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who is being ferried around the world on her “school strike for climate” campaign.

There has been much in the news about climate alarmist Greta Thunberg.  From her transatlantic voyage in a sailing yacht to her presentation at the United Nations to her appearance before a US congressional committee, Thunberg is the “darling of climate change” for those individuals who wish to eliminate the use of fossil fuels in favor of using all renewable energy to “save the planet” from greenhouse gas emissions caused by man.  Thunberg has gone to so far as to quit school, calling it a “school strike”, in order to bring vast amounts of media attention to an agenda she is being used to promote.  After all, stopping carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from man is more important than an education.

However, Greta Thunberg should have remained in school to learn about photosynthesis in order for man to produce food.  She has chastised the United Nations, the united States, President Trump on a personal level, and other countries using fossil fuels.  But, Thunberg and those backing this ignorant teen-ager are nothing more than hypocrites.  Her support team flew across the Atlantic in planes using fossil fuels in order to return the boat, which has an oil dependent hull, to Europe.  Moreover, estimates of the transatlantic boat trip indicates it would have been more “green” for everyone to fly into New York City.

This is exactly why the generation that eats Tide Pods, sucks condoms up their nose, and believes they are entitled to determine what “rights” others should have need to sit down, shut up and learn something.  Moreover, regardless of their entitlement mentality, they are children and have no business trying to tell adults what to do.  Adults need to be adults and stop listening to Tide Pod eating, condom snorting, entitled, and spoiled young’uns.  In fact, Greta received some criticism from Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

According to The Daily Mail:

Vladimir Putin took aim at teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg today, calling her a ‘poorly informed teenager’ who was being ‘used by adults’.

The Russian president said the 16-year-old should ‘tell developing counties why they should live in poverty’ over her campaign to cut fossil fuel use.

At an energy forum today Putin told the audience he did not share the excitement about the Swede’s United Nations speech last month.

The schoolgirl electrified the UN summit in New York when she denounced world leaders for failing to tackle climate change, unleashing the outrage felt by millions of her peers by demanding: ‘How dare you?’

Putin told the energy conference, adding it was deplorable that Thunberg was being used by some groups – which he did not name – to achieve their own goals.

Putin is spot on here.  Thunberg, an easily manipulated teen, is poorly informed and being used by adults who worship in the “Church of Al Gore” to avoid criticism from those who know the hoax of climate change.  After all, it did work a bit for David Hogg as lamestream enemedia outlets were quick to defend Hogg against his critics.  The same is occurring with Greta Thunberg.

Chairing and speaking at an energy summit in Moscow, Putin, during the session “Energy Partnership for Sustainable Growth”, stated to attendees that he may disappoint them with his criticism of Thunberg.

The Daily Mail continued:

Chairing a session titled ‘Energy Partnership for Sustainable Growth’ at an energy forum in Moscow, Putin said: ‘I may disappoint you but I don’t share the common excitement about the speech by Greta Thunberg.

‘No one has explained to Greta that the modern world is complex and different and…people in Africa or in many Asian countries want to live at the same wealth level as in Sweden.

‘Go and explain to developing countries why they should continue living in poverty and not be like Sweden.’

Thunberg shrugged off criticism by President Trump and Canadian Parliament member Maxine Bernier, who called Thunberg “alarmist and mentally unstable” by claiming the “mockery of children who were protesting showed her message had become ‘too loud to handle’”.  Really?  When you place yourself in the spotlight and center of controversial issues by repeating false information, engaging in emotional lability, failing to have good public speaking skills to respond to questions live, and, in general, spewing nonsense, you will be mocked.

Changes were made to Thunberg’s Twitter account that included adding Putin’s criticism of being a “kind and poorly informed teen”.

Here’s the issue.  A 16-year-old Swedish girl, who is poorly informed on climate change and repeats what others have told her to say,  can get an invite to speak before the United Nations and the united States Congress while average citizens cannot even get so much as an acknowledgement of existence or decent form letter response from those who supposedly represent them.  Why?  These people are more “star struck” than the girls and women of the 60s who went nuts over the Beatles.

Alyssa Milano can get some “sit down” time with Ted Cruz to discuss murdering babies in the womb while he failed to even respond properly to a letter sent by this writer.  Tom DeLong of Blink 182 can put together a group of individuals in government across multiple agencies to investigate UFOs, but the average American citizen is seen as a scourge, which members of Congress have to tolerate.  Ashton Kutcher can get an invitation to testify regarding human trafficking yet not one average American is ever invited to testify before Congress regarding how laws the body passed affected them personally.  Even the Pope bent over backward to meet with young Thunberg as well as the Secretary-General of the UN.

Congress doesn’t want to hear from those they are working diligently to enslave and the UN does not want to hear from “free people”.  But, the fame swooning body that is our Congress will hear from those who make their eyes sparkle, criticize Trump, promote an agenda similar to theirs and the UN, or are so far out in left field they can’t see the diamond.

While those like Greta accuse those who see through the climate change hoax as a world wealth redistribution scheme as “science deniers”, these individuals are the true science deniers and hypocrites to boot.  For Greta, this “climate change” crisis, based on faulty science, manipulated data, and clever rhetoric, is so big for humanity it produces an extreme emotional response totally inappropriate for the subject matter.  This is a sure sign of immaturity.

Climate change, a fake rhetoric based on false data manipulated by globalist scientists, is a bigger crisis for humanity than the murder of innocent babies in the womb, the genocide of Jews during World War II, the present persecution of Christians in the Middle East, and the enslavement of women and children through human sex trafficking – not to mention the oppression of individualism, women and marginalization of certain groups by dictatorial regimes and a false religion.  Puh-leeze!  Where are the parents, whom she convinced to go Vegan and stop flying, in protecting their child from being used and abused by those who care nothing about her or them and will go to any lengths to implement their ideology while denying others their God-given individual unalienable rights?  Oh yeah;  they are taking orders from a 16-year-old.

Yes, you read that correctly – she “convinced” her family to go vegan and stop flying.  Ceasing to fly is a good idea because of the US government violations of the Fourth Amendment, but not because of the false “man-made climate change”.   And, being “vegan” doesn’t do anything to stem “climate change” because not eating meat and processed foods does not mean the food eaten is “carbon footprint free”.

But, like the gun-grabbers did with David Hogg, the man-made “climate change” church of Al Gore cultists have thrust young Greta to the forefront as the face of their invented issue to curb opposition to their insanity.

By now, young Greta, at age 16, should have learned in science class the Scientific Method.  The “science” of climate change cannot satisfy the Scientific Method, meaning the “predictions” are not able to be repeated because not all variables are known, data is being manipulated along with computer models to reflect a biased outcome, solar cycles have not been included in the data, and neither has natural Earth cycles.  Moreover, when has money ever had any effect on Mother Nature?

Why are her parents not fighting to give Greta a childhood – the opportunity to go about being a teenager and do what most normal teenagers do – go to school, study, go out with friends, find a nice young man to date, etc. – and let the adults take care of issues she hasn’t yet begun to research thoroughly before trying to rally people to cut their nose off despite their face and go “Green New Deal” stone-age living?  They are the parents, not Greta.

It is a sad situation when witnessing a child being used and abused not only by ideological autocrats, but the parents as well.  And, yes, it is abuse.  But, this is what anti-constitutionalist, progressive, liberal, Democrat, climate change cultists do.  They are perfectly prepared and happy to sacrifice a child-like Greta on the altar of “climate change” to their “god” Al Gore while the parents stand aside letting a 16-year-old child direct their lives and actions.

So far, the criticism Greta Thunberg is receiving, especially from Vladimir Putin, is spot on.  She is poorly informed and being manipulated.  It’s quite obvious in hearing her speak or reading her responses to questions.  But, when is Congress going to give us average Americans an opportunity to sit before a committee and rake them over the coals for actual violations?  Never unless one becomes famous or notorious for something.  Then, one could bet 10 dollars to a dime, Congress still would not issue an invitation.  For them, this hoax, which is what Congress only deals in lately – hoaxes, is all about people control.  And, if poorly informed Greta Thunberg can help them achieve more control over the people, Congress will have her on Capitol Hill every day.

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