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Guess Who Obama is Blaming For Libyan Fiasco

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Published on: March 15, 2016

No one likes to admit when they are wrong. There is a reason for this; the pain is built into the system.  This pain is a consequence that helps us to learn from our mistakes. If there is no pain in our failure, we do not grow. We do not get better or try harder. This is something lost on the many who believe that we are the product of chance.

Our President is a good example of this consequence of unbelief. He never has come to understand that one of the greatest assets we have is the owning of our failures in order to move forward. I have failed to come across one incident where Obama has owned a mistake.

When it comes to the debacle in Libya, the President is once again pointing the finger.

The Washington Times reports

President Obama criticized British Prime Minister David Cameron and other European allies for the “shit show” in Libya after the 2011 international intervention.
In a wide-ranging interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg, Mr. Obama said that Mr. Cameron became “distracted” after the 2011 intervention and said the U.K., France and other European countries went rouge, calling them “free riders.”

In a typical lack of tact and diplomacy, the president lays all the blame for Libya’s slide into terrorist control at the feet of our closest allies. Now, this is not to say that these leaders had no share of the blame, but it is funny that it is only Obama’s lack of trusting these countries that led to the failure.

It is typical for Obama, and many now in leadership, to blame shift. It is a habit that we have had since the garden, but a habit that men and women of responsibility should not have. We can only lead well as we are accountable for our own actions and mistakes.

This is something that is lacking in the children now leading and attempting to lead our nation. The Hebrew prophet Isaiah warned:

“I will make mere youths their officials;
    children will rule over them.

“People will oppress each other—
    man against man, neighbor against neighbor.
The young will rise up against the old,
    the nobody against the honored.”

(Isa. 3:4,5)

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