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Half Dressed Principal Caught with Student Getting High

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Published on: May 10, 2015

Teachers and people of influence seducing the students under their care are stories that seem to abound today. It seems to have become an epidemic. There are several contributing factors to the rise of the offenses. First is the fact that the incidents are taken lightly. The student many times are, or right at, the legal age of consent. However, one of the biggest factors has been that the students are male and the teachers are female. And for some reason this sheds a different light on the topic. Such may be the case of a Florida principal, Krista Morton.

Fox reports:

Authorities say a Florida principal has been arrested after she was caught partially unclothed in a marijuana-smoke-filled car with a student.

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Now, when I first read that sentence, I had to do a double take. When I had decided to read this report, I naturally assumed the principal was a man. I assumed that this man had lured a student into his car with the promise of drugs. I had in my mind a young well-kept man that the young girls dreamed about. But when I read that the principal was a 45-year-old woman, I almost passed. But this is a double standard.

The Palm Beach Post reports:

Police say they found Morton, 45, in the car with an 18-year-old senior from the school. The report says Morton’s “shirt was unbuttoned, exposing her shoulders and part of her chest.”

Now, this might be a thing of teenage fantasy, but we must realize the depravity. This woman, having as much authority and power over this young man, lured him to the car. They were smoking an illegal substance, and she was on her way to being nude. Yes, the boy was of age, but does it not figure that if 40 is the new 30, then 18 is the new 8. I know that is a stretch, but we are raising less and less mature teenagers.

The Post continues:

Morton first told officers that she and the student were “just friends,” an arrest report stated. Then cops say she claimed he was a stranger she had picked up off the street because she was lonely.

Later, the 18-year-old student admitted to cops that Morton was the principal of his school.

Cops said they smelled marijuana coming from the car and discovered a plastic container containing marijuana.

There is the possibility that Ms. Morton has never done anything like this in the past. There are occasions where offenders are caught the first time, but they are few and far between. It is likely that this was not the first meeting between the two. But, it seems almost impossible to believe that this senior was her first student.

For those of you who do not think that this is a big deal, we must consider the fact that this woman was taking advantage of this young man. It is no different for a boy than a girl. If you would have been angry had the sexes been reversed, this should anger you as well.

Lastly, the Post added:

Both Morton and the student were arrested on marijuana possession charges.

Mavericks High, an alternative charter school located on Congress Avenue in Palm Springs, says it has suspended Morton pending the outcome of the investigation.

Morton is unlikely to see any jail time. She will probably face a fine and the loss of her job. This will be the second scandal of her career and hopefully her last.


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