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Hard Work Does have Its Reward

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might…” –Ecclesiastes 9:10

Today we are going to talk about the reward of working hard. It is important to work hard because it’s the right thing to do before God. If you are truly thankful for what you have, your actions will show it.

Working hard will also help you to become successful in life as well (2 Thessalonians 3:10). You might be a hard worker and that is good. If you are lazy, that is bad. A lot people are not very hard workers. They want a pass through life and will look for any excuse to get out of work.

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When you work, you show forth your liberty and ability to provide for yourself and your family.

When you are at a job, you have to work hard at it and obey your boss.

You also have to make sure you keep your promises and show up on time. For instance, if you tell your boss you are going to start work at 7am and you get there at 7:20am, and your boss says “You are late,” you are not supposed to make excuses. You need to work hard at your job and be the best worker possible and be on time.

When you work hard, you get to have the satisfaction of knowing that you are accomplishing something and that makes you satisfied. For example, every time I get my work done, I always have the satisfaction of knowing that it is done and I can do other things with a clear conscience.

If you work hard, you can even be one of those people who start a business, and end up becoming a successful business owner to share the benefits of your hard work by employee others.

Look at a farmer with me for a second. What does he do? In the spring, he starts to work hard by planting and plowing. Then, at the end of the long hard year, what does he do? He thanks God for a good harvest and has the satisfaction of knowing that his work is done and he has a clear conscience. That is the reward of working hard (Proverbs 6:6).

Sometimes, I watch true stories of people who are poor and don’t really have anything. Yet, when they work hard, they end up being very successful in life. The moral of today’s story is comes down to a simple question: Will you be one of those people who works hard or will you throw away the gifts God has given you by being slothful and lazy?

Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith is the oldest son of Bradlee Dean. He has been his dad's radio show producer since he was 8, and has experience in filming and video editing more than 50 educational videos for The Sons of Liberty. He has been involved in his dad's speaking engagements traveling across the country his whole life. Sam has huge respect for our law enforcement and military, and is a strong advocate for the Second Amendment and standing against unconstitutional edicts!

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