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Has Florida Become Top US State For Medical Kidnapping & Child Trafficking?

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Published on: October 29, 2022

It really should come as no surprise given that Florida is the home of large pedophile rings that are busted every few months and that  Florida houses amusement parks that lure unsuspecting families with little children.  Yet, a recent lawsuit alleges that Florida’s government is complicit in the medical kidnapping of children and there’s more that indicates children are being trafficked in Florida under the watchful eye of people like Governor Ron DeSantis.

In July, I reported on a lawsuit against DeSantis and the State of Florida for medical kidnapping of children from several families.

Here’s the video from that report.

WPTV5 provides an update to the report.

Three months after Investigative Reporter Katie LaGrone and photojournalist Matthew Apthorp were the first journalists to share a new lawsuit accusing Florida’s child welfare system of going out of its way to break families apart, 18 additional families have now joined the suit.

“People saw your story on the news. People said it happened to me,” attorney Valentina Villalobos with Community Law for Families & Children.

Since our initial story aired, Villalobos said her phone hasn’t stopped ringing.

“I can’t even answer my own phone right now, I need an assistant screening my calls,” she said in regards to the volume of calls she’s been getting from families sharing similar stories.

A total of 22 families now claim Florida’s Department of Children and Families, along with its child welfare partners including Florida’s governor, Florida’s Surgeon General and the head of the state’s Guardian Ad Litem Program, have all violated family rights by denying relatives custody of young family members who enter the state’s care.

Brian Shilhavy then went on to report on how the state has been doing this and doctors even making up accusations against parents.  He even says that Governor DeSantis has been involved in the threats and that Florida is one of the top states for child trafficking through weaponizing CPS.

As we have previously reported, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has no problem threatening families who do not agree with his views with having their children taken away from them by Florida’s Child “Protective” Services, weaponizing the State’s alleged authority to take children away from their parents for a wide variety of reasons that do not include physical abuse.

Shilhavy adds “additional information concerning Florida being a top state in the US for child trafficking and we know the bulk of that comes via Child Protective Services.

Florida is rapidly becoming the go-to State for people fleeing the rapidly decaying mega urban centers in the U.S., and that includes some of the richest and most famous billionaires who have recently moved their residency to Florida, such as former President Donald Trump and Oracle founder Larry Ellison, among others.

Tragically, one thing that seems to follow the rich and famous in this country is the problem of human trafficking, and specifically child sex trafficking, as even Jeffrey Epstein ran a major portion of his child sex trafficking operation through South Florida. (Source.)

As we have reported numerous times over the years, the #1 source for child trafficking in the United States is the corrupt child welfare program that funds foster care and adoptions in the U.S. You can learn more about this corrupt system of child trafficking that imperils all of the nation’s children every day on our Medical Kidnapping website.” –Read the rest

And this is the man they are positioning to ask for your vote to go to the White House!  Just say “No!” to any and all DC reps this November.

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