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Has the Phony Flu Caused Tyrant Tim or Wacko Walz?

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Published on: May 16, 2020

In Minnesota the Governor is named Tim Walz. His behavior is just not rational for the situation in Minnesota. I think he is like most elected people reacting badly to the COVID-19, so looking at his behavior, and how to react to it, will help protect you. Not from COVID-19, remember the majority of people who get that have symptoms so mild, that they either do not notice, or they do not care. We need to be protected from the elected people’s behavior and the fear-mongering people.

I have heard elected people refer to the COVID-19 as a war, our Pearl Harbor or our 911. The greatest threat to America today is not COVID-19. It is not even war or economic ruin. The greatest threat to America is the poor condition the elected people and citizens are currently in. Understand, we did not deteriorate to this condition overnight, but as long as it took to get here, survival requires real solutions and fast. It can take a long time to wreck your liver from drinking too much alcohol, but survival requires immediately stopping the drinking that caused the harm.

It is obvious the country has problems but most people are not even capable of seeing the cause of the problems. I do not want to seem negative as always pointing out the problems. However, you cannot fix the problem if you do not know what the problem is. I am going to list the problems with the understanding that we are going to work together to not be the problems I am identifying. If we stop being these things, we stop being the problem. We have to stop being the problem before we can start being the solution.

I have mentioned before the people I hear who call into radio shows.  They ask what they can do to fix things, but they are not even willing to stop being the problem. I have been involved in the political process of this country, and that has been a major problem that very few have been willing to even attempt to solve. Using COVID-19 as an example, how does destroying peoples finances help them if they are going to get ill? It does not help them. It hurts them. The government cannot help people until it is willing to stop hurting them.

Ignorance is a severe problem plaguing America today. You do not need to go become a doctor to know something is wrong with how COVID-19 is being handled. Think about things and start using your own brains. Do not join in on being the problem. I will give a few examples of problems that are ignorance driven.

Wearing masks and gloves is one problem. Now, just because I wear gloves, masks and safety glasses while treating patients in the ambulance, it does not prove that is a good thing to do. I need to look at the situation I am in to determine if it is appropriate or not. If a healthy person is in a car wreck, wearing a mask while I try to extract them from the car can mess up my breathing. If there is something I should not breathe, a fire department person in breathing equipment should handle the situation. The important thing is I need to know how to size up the situation and to know what is safe for the situation at hand, not do one thing for everything. Ignorance is a killer, do not make it welcome in your life.

Look at the huge corporate stores. Some of them are making people wear masks to come to the stores. Remember, originally the media medical people were claiming that masks were of no benefit, but they were saying save them for the first responders. Now, some of the stores are selling them for $1.00 a piece or you cannot enter their store. I told them I was taking my business elsewhere. They are not in control, it is my money. I will not participate in their mistake. Before they implemented the mask requirement I observed how the cloves and masks were being used.

At the checkout, the people wearing the masks were constantly adjusting the masks. It was obvious that the restricted airflow was causing them problems. I would have liked to put a pulse-oximeter on them, to see what their oxygen levels and heart rate was. They were wearing gloves, but that gives false security that makes for worse problems. They are wearing a mask that traps the contamination on their face. Then they touch those contaminates with their gloved hands and then they touch the receipt and handed it to me. So basically, corporate America has implemented a policy that contaminates the receipts they are handing to the people who come into their store.

So now they force the people coming into their store to wear a mask that traps the contamination on their faces. Then those customers touch those contaminates their masks traps on their faces as they adjust their masks, then they touch the merchandise with their contaminated hands, and then the person at the checkout touches the contaminated merchandise and further contaminates their hands. It does not matter if they contaminate their hands or the gloves over their hands. Then they touch the receipts and spread the contamination they collected from the last person to the next person. If they did not have a mask on, they could cough let the germs fall on the floor, and let the UV from the sunshine coming through the window kill the germs. In the name of safety we are being unsafe. They are not doing lab tests to determine if their hands and masks are safe.

Germs are actually necessary for good immune health. Spraying disinfectant on everything is like overusing antibiotics, you eventually do more harm than you prevent. That is why ignorance is so dangerous. People need to think about what they are doing. Just because someone is a doctor and works for the government does not prove they should be doing the thinking for you.

Weakness is another severe problem plaguing America today. Think about it, a large amount of our population is now so weak, that they cannot handle a virus without getting crippled with fear, and forced to hide from normal activity. That also shows how weak our medical systems and political systems have become. The COVID-19 economic destruction has proven our economy to be the weakest it has ever been. True strength has the ability to accept hard times and to rise to the occasion, and handle what comes your way. The media and politicians are now claiming hiding in their homes is some great victory the American people have accomplished. That shows how weak people’s minds have become. I do not say that to be insulting, it is just the reality.

Many people cannot find their way, taking a simple trip, without using GPS. They call the devices smartphones, when the reality is they are brain crutches weakening the user’s minds the more they use them. I still calculate with a paper and pen, it exercises the mind. The lack of thinking and inactivity has weakened people’s minds and bodies to the point that a simple virus makes them unable to function. If you want to thrive instead of just survive, you must strengthen your mind and your body.

We need to examine something that shows both weakness and ignorance. Many in the science and political communities have been claiming evolution as science, when it really is a religion. They claim humans started as basically nothing, and eventually evolved into humans. Remember the title survival of the fittest? Does the COVID-19 prove humans have evolved into being more fit now than ever in human history? No, it does not prove that, strong people do not panic at every scary thing that comes their way. Strong people overcome adversity.

Our medical system shows people too weak to survive without drugs. Doctors claim people cannot be safe without vaccines. If evolution was true, humans would have evolved to be healthy on their own. They could survive as they always have. Science proves evolution as untrue.

Our political system shows people too weak to survive without politicians leading them around and controlling them. Strong people can control themselves.

You need to evaluate the situation to see if what they are doing makes sense. Minnesota’s Governor Tyrant Tim’s behavior, appears to me, to indicate that he is so crippled with fear that he is too mentally unwell to do his job. The statistics do not support his irrational fear.

The population in Minnesota was 5.6 million in 2018. The number of people who died in Minnesota in 2017 was 44,361 people. So, that is about 1 out of 126 people that die in Minnesota in a year. I used the years 2017 and 2018 because the numbers are not always available immediately. Death is a fact of life: if you are born, you will someday die. It is sad that our government has such little respect for babies’ lives, and allows abortion, but now they lock everyone up in house arrest in the name of life.

As of today, 638 people have died in Minnesota from COVID-19.  Yes, they have been cooking the books, but even their rigged numbers prove the point. Only 1 out of 8,793 people in Minnesota have died from COVID-19. Does it make sense to economically harm 8,793 people because 1 person died? Remember, 1 out of 126 people die in Minnesota in a year.

Out of the 44,361 people in Minnesota that died in 2017, the 638 COVID-19 deaths are only 1 out of each 70 deaths. Yes, deaths are sad, but once the people I love get into their 80s and 90s I realize every day is a gift. The last thing I want to do is ruin the last few days of their life by bombarding them with endless fear-mongering.

We only know of 12,917 people in Minnesota getting COVID-19. That is only 1 out of 434 has gotten COVID-19 in Minnesota, and you cannot believe their numbers, because people who do not get symptoms do not usually get tested. It would be a waste if they did.

In one of our counties only 15 people have gotten COVID-19 that they know of, no deaths, and yet, Tyrant Tim has harassed and abused the rest of the 35,873 people that live there, with his lockdown order. I believe only a mentally disturbed person would harm the economy of 5.61 million people and blame it on his fear from the 638 COVID-19 deaths. That is irresponsible behavior of a man that has no comprehension of how our food supply operates. Only 1 person out of each 2,562 people in this county has gotten COVID-19, and yet Tyrant Tim thinks it is just fine to close all the restaurants, bars and many of the small businesses. Tyrant Tim acts like he thinks he is a hero for hurting so many people. That is why I wonder if he should be called Wacko Walz instead. I think the people of Minnesota should call him to resign. This state has suffered enough from what he has done.

Former Governor Tim Walz sounds like a better name for him.

Make it be so.

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