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Have Americans Become Too Irresponsible?

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Published on: February 18, 2019

A lot of people may not like this article. However, as a country, it is time we really take a serious look at ourselves and ask have I been responsible? I hear on the radio about responsible gun owners, and I do not doubt that almost all of them handle their firearms with the utmost care. However, ask yourself, is that the beginning and the end of your responsibility?

I am starting to wonder if we could even find any responsible Americans. We need to seriously ask ourselves if we are doing what it takes to be responsible. Currently, our government wants the power to do everything but they want accountability for nothing. The Trump haters say everything is Trump’s fault and they are not responsible for any of the problems our country has.

Look at Obama care, my health insurance premiums doubled and my deductible doubled. What that means is they are charging me twice as much for something they made twice as sure they would not let me use. Add your premiums and deductible together. How many people are going to use $12,000.00 a year at their doctor? That is what some need to spend before insurance starts paying. Some people need to spend even more than that. If they do not get a serious illness the insurance company will get $120,000.00 from them in ten years. In 20 years that’s almost a quarter of a million dollars. What would the economy look like if they could spend that money on something they actually could use? The Republican politicians say they are not responsible and the Demarcates politicians say they are not responsible. Are there any American voters accepting responsibility for electing those politicians?

Are our constitutional rights more secure now or less secure now? Do the people we vote for act like it is their job to take our rights away because we are too irresponsible to have them, or do they act like it is their job to protect them? What in reality do our politicians actually do? Do any of them keep their word? Do any of us even expect them to keep their word?

The voters blame the politicians and the politicians blame each other and everything else, but one thing is for sure, they do not say they are responsible for the problems. So in reality, we do not have responsible gun owners, we do not have responsible politicians, the fact of the matter is we do not have responsible Americans.

Our government has allowed 60 million babies to be killed before they were born. Does anyone want to accept responsibility for that? I am ashamed to be a veteran and to have served a government that would allow such an atrocity as that. I know we are supposed to compartmentalize and say we are a wonderful country, and of course, we are responsible for the good and someone else is responsible for the bad. Are our leaders not being honest with us because we are not being honest with ourselves? If we keep blaming everyone else, will things ever get better?

Our government has allowed millions of people to come into our country illegally. Who is responsible for that, the government for doing it, or the citizens for allowing the government to allow it? They cost the country a lot of money and no one is being responsible for paying that cost. The national debt continues to grow because we are not paying for it. No one is paying their fair share, because no one is paying for what the politicians they elected are doing. Why should future citizens pay for a national debt that was spent on non-citizens? If we are not going to be responsible for that money why should we expect our descendants to pay for it? Does that respect the consent for the governed?

Pass the buck. Kick the can down the road. It is the American way. I think I finally understand what American exceptionalism is; we are exceptional at blaming everyone else for the mess our government is making of our country.

If we want to keep our Second Amendment rights or any other rights, we are going to have to become not only responsible gun owners, but responsible Americans. We need to let our leaders know they work for us, and that we want results, not excuses. If they will not do it we need to elect people who will. Just because most of the country is irresponsible does not mean we can be irresponsible.

I think we have the government we deserve, however it does not have to stay that way. If we act better, we will get better.

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