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He Won Because He Fights!

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Published on: November 16, 2016

In light of this historic election and the utter surprise of the mainstream media in not seeing what was clearly in their collective faces. That commonsense America was good and fed up with Washington, DC politics as usual. To quote Herman Cain, who recently said on FOX, responding to a question from one of the talking heads who asked him why Donald Trump won, “Trump won because the American people are not stupid.”

The following is a quote from good friend and fellow social media pontificator Stephen W. Browne. Stephen is a noted conservative blogger, columnist and author. I thought his observations during the elections apropos and shared them recently on one of my radio shows.

“The bottom line is, people who are not on the left are fed up. Trump fights. Leadership at this time could have gone to anyone who fought this audaciously, but apparently no one else had the ‘huevos.’ I was as mortified as you that it was Trump – but he fights.”

During the Civil War people came to Abraham Lincoln complaining that Ulysses S. Grant was a drunkard and a lout.

“I cannot do without this general,” Lincoln replied. “He fights.”

Things we know by now:

  1. The left will never fight fair. They will lie. They’ll hire people to bear false witness. When discovered lying, they’ double down on their lies.
  2. They will never hold themselves to the same standards they hold to you. They deny, minimize, and then actively justify things they would call monstrous crimes if you did them.
  3. They have no fixed positions on any issue except destroying our culture and attaining power. They will change their positions on any issue as the fashion changes.
  4. They are totalitarians. There is no part of your life they want to be sacrosanct, apart from the power of the state.
  5. Their concern for minorities, working people, and the poor is shallow and lasts only so long as they can count on their support. When that support falters they show their active contempt for anyone not with them.
  6. The left does not believe in compromise. Any compromise struck with the left they regard as a temporary truce while they marshal their forces for another push.
  7. They hate you, make no mistake about that. An unknown but significant number of them would send you to camps for “reeducation” and elimination should you prove recalcitrant. A disturbing number would be OK with that, or believe you’d been “resettled in the east.”
  8. Anything they accuse you of, they are guilty of themselves.
  9. They don’t get that to disagree is what free men do. If you disagree with them, you’re not just mistaken you’re evil.

Stephen wrote this piece before the election. However, it was clarion clear in depicting the state of one political party, its agenda and the campaign platform of its candidate who now may very well be brought up on criminal charges yet, blames the FBI for her election defeat.

Congratulations President-Elect Trump and your commonsense campaign platform.  As I say concluding all my social media commentary…..Let the truth “Rang Out”!  Why “rang”? Because the truth is already out there. We just need to speak it!

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