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Hegelian Dialectic Culminating To Usher In Further Enslavement Of The Population

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Published on: June 1, 2020

Our American society has changed.  We are seeing a further distancing from the rule of law to the “rule of men”.  Of course, this has been happening for decades – more like over the last 160 years.  However, the exponential trashing of the law is occurring right before our very lives.

With the plan-demic of coronavirus, we see that “orders” issued from governors and the president have become “law” unto themselves, with law enforcement officers enforcing these immoral, unconstitutional “pseudo-laws” against the populace.  Their zeal for following orders is nothing less than what one would expect of the Hitler regime.  Granted, there are several law enforcement officers in certain areas of the country that refuse to follow these unlawful edicts, but they are few and far between.  Businesses have complied as well as the sheeple population.  Now, the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police is sparking a situation that plays into the hands of those who have enslaved much of the population with a scam-demic.

Demonstrations are occurring in major cities across the country.  While many are peaceful, most have erupted into violence to include rioting and looting.  Private property is being destroyed and innocent lives threatened when businesses, police stations, and apartment buildings are being set ablaze with abandon by paid provocateurs inserted into major cities to advance the next phase of government control.  News reports indicate that several States and cities have called in the National Guard and the president has instructed the Pentagon to have military police and military units ready to deploy to nearby cities experiencing unrest, rioting and looting.

This is the perfect storm of the Hegelian Dialectic.  The problem was created and fomented, aka the continuation of race-baiting in order to keep the race war going.  Just as many white individuals or more are murdered by police, but that realism doesn’t fit the agenda or the narrative.  The powers that be wait for the reaction, which is the societal unrest and send in the provocateurs to initiate violence, riot, and loot.  Then, the stage is set for the powers that be to provide the solution – the initiation of martial law into major cities experiencing unrest.  Martial law will then be extended to entire states, regions and then the united States as a whole.

HighImpactVlogs highlights this upcoming plan using the interview by Andrea Mitchell, who is married to Alan Greenspan, of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on the George Floyd murder.

Remember, this has to occur prior to the food shortage that will be forthcoming with the planned second wave of COVID-19 government has foretold the population is coming in September of this year.  Why?  When people are being summarily deprived of food, their children are starving, and they have not the means to procure food by purchase or farming, the unrest will be monumental in urban areas and will spread to suburban areas, small towns, and rural regions.

The population is already experiencing an increase in the pricing of grocery items, which will continue in an upward growth due to farmers being unable to move their goods to the processing plants to then be distributed across the country.  Livestock farmers are already culling herds because there is no way to move their stock due to the “lockdown” edicts.  Grain and produce farmers are suffering as well.  The floods of the previous year prevented many from their seasonal planting, producing a shortfall of certain crops.  Trying to find a bag of flour is difficult, not to mention the continual shortage of paper products.

Even though parts of the country are attempting to return to normal, there will not be a return to pre-coronavirus normal now that all levels of government have gained control over much of the sheeple population, who rolled over to comply with immoral, unethical, illegal, unconstitutional edicts.

The majority of law enforcement agencies hurried to “follow orders” instead of applying critical thinking skills to the scenario.  There has not been one tyrant in history who did their own dirty work against their own people – they had scores of “order followers” who did it for them.  When it came time for accountability, their defense was the tired old mantra, “I was only doing what I was told”, as though none of them had a brain or knew how to use it.

But, in order to usher in the new world order under a one-world government, the united States has to be brought to its knees.  There has been considerable warning about this from the alternative media in articles that have shown the plans from the World Economic Forum and the United Nations international body.  Don’t forget that President Trump, along with both chambers of Congress, sold our sovereignty in the USMCA.  The final nail is being perpetrated exponentially using the plan-demic of COVID-19 as a cover.  The world population has complied.  Most of the US population has complied.

Unfortunately, there are too many “order followers” willing to provide the force government needs to implement its diabolical plan.  They aren’t hurting – yet.  While they still have money rolling in and they can procure what food they need, they will comply with whatever orders come down the pike.  But, that could change when chaos comes knocking on the doors of their family members.  It ultimately will.  By then, it will be too late.

Get prepared because what Uncle Julius warned about that summer on the front porch is coming – “One of these days, there will be plenty of money but nothing to buy.”  What Uncle Julius left out of that statement is the fact it will only apply to the little people.  Those in power, the elites, and the protected wealthy will not feel the pinch.  Think “The Hunger Games”.

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