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Here’s A Few Questions That Should Be Asked About Why An Alleged Trump Supporter Would Mail Fake Bombs

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Published on: October 27, 2018

Though a suspect has been arrested in the phony mail bombs, there are some questions as to what the real motive is in sending these.  In fact, we might ask, exactly who profits from doing it?  Would a genuine Trump supporter think such a thing would be good for President Donald Trump?  These and other questions were asked by Paul Joseph Watson prior to the arrest and they are questions that we should keep at the forefront as the media will inundate us with all sorts of information and disinformation.

Here’s the questions Watson asks:

  • Why would a Trump supporter engage in a campaign of domestic terrorism that could only have the effect of making Trump look bad?
  • Why would a Trump supporter engage in a campaign of domestic terrorism that would distract from the migrant caravan, a winning political issue for Trump?
  • Why would a Trump supporter engage in a campaign of domestic terrorism right off the back of Trump securing a major political victory in securing the nomination of Kavanaugh?
  • Why would a Trump supporter engage in a campaign of domestic terrorism when polls showed that the race for Congress was starting to narrow in favor of Republicans?
  • Who will go to the trouble and risk of building a mail bomb and then forget to add the right postage?
  • Why did the bomber attach postage to a package that was delivered by a courier?
  • Why would the mail bomber put what looks like timers on the bombs when he had no idea when they’d be delivered?
  • Why were the bombs apparently hoax devices that were never intended to explode?
  • Why was the powder found inside the package sent to CNN deemed harmless?  Does this suggest that the motive was merely to send a political message and not to harm anyone?
  • Why were the bombs fitted with a cheap digital display clock that doesn’t even have an alarm which would be a necessity to trigger a bomb?
  • Why is there a joke version of the ISIS flag attached to the device sent to CNN?
  • Why did the bombs have wires attached to both ends?
  • Why were the timers so big when that’s completely unnecessary and why weren’t they placed inside the pipe bomb?
  • Why were these bombs made to look so hokey that even law enforcement officials are now describing them as Hollywood-style hoaxes?
  • Why was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s name on one of the packages as the return address?  Does this suggest the bomber may, in fact, be a progressive angered at the DNC’s treatment of Bernie Sanders?

Here’s the thing, Hillary Clinton has said that Democrats will not be civil until they regain power.  I’m not saying that the suspect now in custody is not a Trump supporter nor am I saying that he is really a Democrat, but with the way false flags have been stacking up in the US over the past several years, one does have to wonder if we are being told the truth about him, his affiliations and even what is a clear hoax that benefits just one party, the Democrat Party.

Article posted with permission from The Washington Standard

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