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Here’s an Obamacare Christmas Present Enrollees weren’t Expecting

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Published on: December 22, 2014

So, if you were stupid enough (and yes, I meant that) to go to the utter failure that is the Obamacare website,, last year and sign up for the welfare health care insurance the Obama administration promoted, then you’re in for a Christmas surprise. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Servies (CMS) have decided to take it upon themselves to re-enroll you, but there’s a catch. They’ll enroll you in a cheaper plan of their choosing, not yours.

Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) wrote at the Washington Times:

That’s right, the government will choose your plan, perhaps limit access to your doctor, and ultimately make the decision on what is “best” for you.

Not to worry, just like Lady Justice, who wears a blindfold when determining guilt or innocence, CMS will use a blindfold to pick your plan. The agency will select your plan without knowing your medical history. They will do so without knowing if you are currently undergoing treatment or working with a specific doctor. They will do so without knowing your financial status. Despite the fact that the millions of people who already enrolled chose the plan that they believed was best for them.

CMS has laid the perfect trap: Sign up at one time in your life and we will never let you go. If you don’t continually re-enroll each and every year, CMS will keep you on the plan that it chooses because, after all, CMS knows what’s best and they always make the best decision. Oh, and if you don’t believe that, please go to the 600 million dollar website that will give you all kinds of testimonials handcrafted by MIT professors.

So, now the issue is not whether or not the federal government can force you to purchase a product and then tax you if you don’t purchase it, but if you sign up for their welfare version of insurance and don’t handle your own enrollment, they’ll play “Wheel of Fortune” with the health coverage you get.

Actually, I still think Obamacare is a constitutional issue that will be addressed by the people soon enough, once the taxes start being charged. However, now there will be even more damage to sue over since CMS is taking it upon themselves to put people in whatever plan they want to put them on.

Meadows went on to say that he had taken action and demanded that CMS cease and desist this action.

“With all due respect to the Jonathan Grubers of the world, the American people are smarter than this-they know this isn’t right,” Meadows wrote. “I sent a letter to CMS demanding they immediately strip this provision from the pending rule and abandon any future attempts to single-handedly choose Americans’ healthcare plans.”

“If not, the Republican House and Senate stands ready to take the action necessary to ensure CMS doesn’t further erode consumer choice in healthcare – as if the ACA already didn’t go far enough in doing so,” he concluded.

I’m not going to hold my breath waiting on the Republican led Congress to do the right thing concerning the unconstitutional, pretended legislation that is Obamacare. After all, they just passed an omnibus bill that funds the entire process! Instead, I think that there are going to be lots of class action lawsuits filed to strike at the heart of Obamacare because it never originated in the House as the Constitution declares. It should have never made its way out of the Supreme Court, but as soon as it did, it should have been nullified. Now, it’s directly up to the people.

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