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Hero Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski: Saving Lives & Saving Our Country Depends On All Of Us To Win this Battle

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Published on: June 29, 2020

Just weeks ago, not many people would have known the name Erin Marie Olszewski, but after her bombshell undercover report on a hospital in New York City murdering patients in the name of COVID-19, she became an instant hero worldwide… and a target of those who don’t want the truth to be known.  Last week, she was in California and spoke on the front steps of the California State Capital in Sacramento, and what an encouraging message it was!

New York: Undercover Nurse Confirms COVID-19 Criminal Hoax (Video)

In a Facebook post, Olszewski wrote, “I will never stop speaking the truth to anyone who will listen and I will never stop fighting for our God-given freedoms. I was never in their plan and I’m thankful to be an unexpected ripple of change in the tsunami that will crumble the entire corrupt system.”

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Here’s the speech she gave!  This woman deserves the Medal of Freedom!

This is my speech on June 23rd, 2020 from the front steps of the California State Capital in Sacramento, CA. I will…

Posted by Erin Marie Olszewski on Thursday, June 25, 2020

My name is Erin Olszewski and I flew in from Tampa, Florida, to speak on our fight for freedom – a battle that brave Americans have been waging since 1776, and never more so than today. I am a firm believer in people over profit and facts over fear.

There are a lot of people here. I see some old faces and I see some new faces. If you’re new, welcome to the right side of history! It’s inspiring to look and see so many of you standing up for our freedom of speech, our freedom to protest…and our freedom to decide whether we want to wrap a useless piece of fabric around our faces and accept this as the “new normal.” To me, there’s nothing normal about this. I’m not sure where in the Constitution it says that our governors have the power to mandate that, but I doubt they’ve read the Constitution lately anyways.

I’m here to bring you the facts and let you know how the American people have been lied to. I was at the epicenter of the epicenter, Elmhurst hospital in NYC, where all these bad actor legislators are basing all their draconian, unconstitutional rules and suggested “mandates” from. I’m going to explain why it’s all a lie. Bear with me, the details I share with you are important.

Freedom isn’t just a buzz word to me. I have put my life on the line to protect it many times throughout the years.

First, when I was 17, I joined the Army before I even graduated high school, and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I will never forget the courage, dedication, and bravery of the men and women I served alongside in Iraq. But I also will never forget how the U.S. government treated us: Like we didn’t deserve to have a voice. Like we were dispensable. Like we were just another brick in the wall.

When I returned home to the States, I began a career in nursing. I thought that completing my military service meant that the government was no longer controlling my life. But boy was I wrong.

In nursing school, I was essentially brainwashed with the mainstream medical message of immunizations. Vaccines are good, they told me. Vaccines save lives, they told me. I was young and naïve, but I’m embarrassed to say today that I swallowed the vaccine mythology hook, line, and sinker. That would be the last time I would ever accept the government’s lies so single-mindedly.

It took a personal tragedy to wake me up. My son Drew was 12 months old when he went for a round of immunizations. This “well visit” would change all of our lives forever. He went from being a smiling, bubbly, talkative little boy to a ghost. He stopped talking. He stopped making eye contact. The little boy that I knew was gone, and along with it, everything I ever thought I knew about vaccines.

As I learned more, I learned what had happened to Drew was happening to children all around the country. I learned how to heal Drew, and it became my mission to protect children and parents from unnecessary vaccine injury.

While I continued that fight, I learned that another dangerous enemy was barreling towards us: Coronavirus, COVID-19, The Wuhan flu, . Whatever you call it. This pandemic, and the overreaction to it, is the biggest threat to America, our values, and our Constitution that many of us have never faced in our lifetimes. And it’s NOT because this disease by itself is so deadly. I know this because I have seen it firsthand.

At my hospital in Florida, we saw just a few coronavirus patients. They came in, we treated them, and they left to return to their families. The one man that we actually admitted had a preexisting condition, but he ended up being fine.

Back in April, as New York was at the height of its outbreak, I volunteered to go to the frontlines as a travel nurse. Not too many people were volunteering to go INSIDE the hospitals in NYC – the epicenter of corona deaths in the US, but my background made me an ideal candidate for this mission. Once There, I was placed at Elmhurst Hospital: The epicenter of the epicenter.

Before I even got there, Elmhurst had become notorious for “apocalyptic” conditions. They didn’t have enough ventilators. They didn’t have enough nurses. They didn’t have enough PPE. But that wasn’t why patients were dying. Patients were dying because the hospitals seemed to be more concerned about making money than treating the patients.

I knew from the very first day I stepped foot in that hospital, something was seriously wrong. Trash bins were overflowing. Cockroaches scuttled across the floor. Nurses and doctors took naps at their desks while patients were dying in the background.

Some of it was basic negligence: clean-up crews skipping certain rooms, residents wearing their PPE in the wrong way, patients getting pumped full of the wrong medication. A lot of it, though, was straight-up gross-negligence, malpractice and disregard for human life. I saw patients test negative for COVID, only to be shuttled off to an all-COVID floor where they were sure to contract the illness. I saw residents write off a 37-year-old man as “do not resuscitate,” when his family had explicitly told us to try to save him at all costs. One of my favorite patients died thirty minutes after I left the room, when an untrained doctor botched a simple procedure.

Medical horror stories were unfolding before my eyes, and I wasn’t the only one who noticed. My fellow nurses and I shared our shock, frustration, and outright anger about what was happening to our patients, but all of it fell on deaf ears. It is my ethical responsibility – as a nurse – to advocate for my patients. Now I’m telling their stories, and I’m telling it as LOUDLY as I can. I’m carrying the fight forward for them.

The people who were leaving the hospital—the very ones who were supposed to be saving these patients—were instead consigning them to their deaths by treating them as billing codes instead of people. With patients’ family members and friends banned from visiting, these people were given a free pass to do whatever the hell they wanted behind those hospital doors, and they took full advantage of it. Countless people died unnecessarily as a result. They didn’t have to die.

Nothing good ever comes out of liability-free blanket immunity, does it? The 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act granted the same protection to vaccine manufacturers. Look where that got us…

As a nurse, I am an advocate for my patients, first and foremost. I’m supposed to stand up for them when no one else will. I am supposed to cherish the ethical standard of healthcare and uphold it at all costs. As a combat veteran, I know the meaning of fighting for ideals, for the dream of what our country is supposed to be at his best. The people who died at Elmhurst were not treated like patients are supposed to be treated. They were not treated like Americans are supposed to be treated. They were treated like dirt.

The question remains: Why? In some ways, putting profits over people is the oldest story in the book. Even for the most cynical people though, the details of what went down inside of Elmhurst are truly horrifying.

It was so horrifying, I knew that people might not believe me. I needed to document what was happening so it will stop happening right now and so it never happens again. That’s why I made the decision to go beyond just writing about my experience. I decided to go truly undercover.

Not long after my arrival in New York, I began to document the worst of what I was seeing—and my attempts to change it. Against all odds, I managed to secure tape recordings, photos, and video recordings of the tragedy that was unfolding in front of me behind closed doors. I I knew that I couldn’t stand by and watch Elmhurst become the new normal because America and the rest of the world was watching. I started to share some of what I found on social media. My posts started going viral. Of course, the attacks against me, and the character assassination, hasn’t stopped since Day 1. But nothing will ever silence me.

By speaking up in the face of that hatred and censorship, I had everything to lose and nothing to gain. I knew that my job was at risk. Many people at Elmhurst had made that clear to me when I started speaking up and challenging them about what was going on. They didn’t even know that I had bigger plans to stop it, and they didn’t know that I’m not easily scared. (I was in combat in Iraq — so calling me names on social media doesn’t really phase me.)

More than that, I knew that my nursing license was hanging in the balance. The risks were and are real, but compared to what the patients were facing, it was worth it. I decided to fight back with everything I had. I would not be silenced.

Even as we stand here today, people are walking into Elmhurst, being put on ventilators unnecessarily, and dying day after day. With a second wave of coronavirus being predicted for Fall 2020, we are running out of time to stop more unnecessary deaths and the falsified “new normal” narrative.

If there’s any hope of doing that, though, I need your help. By coming here today, you’ve shown that you’re willing to face uncomfortable facts. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen around this country who would prefer to live in their comfortable bubble of ignorance than look evil in the eye. They’ll censor anyone that threatens to pop the bubble, because life’s just easier if you don’t have to confront the people that are hurting, struggling, and dying — and there are billions of dollars at stake. That’s why they are trying to silence people like me

To me, what’s happening in Elmhurst, and in other hospitals across the country, is unacceptable, but it’s just one symptom of a more penetrating illness. To stop it and change it will take your help. I’m asking you to suit up and join me in fighting against censorship and fighting to share the truth. I’m asking you to support doctors and nurses who care more about their patients than billing codes. I’m asking you to stand up to restore medical ethics for nurses and doctors.

The patients that have died deserve justice. Their families deserve closure. We can cure the disease that is currently afflicting America. Here’s what we need to do.

Yes, a federal investigation is necessary, but that’s not going to cure us. Will it bring peace to the dead and closure to the families? Only they can say for sure, but I doubt it. Americans generally trust their doctors more than they trust politicians, and look where that’s gotten us.

Yes, we need to change the financial incentives in the healthcare system. Hospitals should not be getting paid big bucks to let interns and residents play doctor with people’s lives. Nurses should have a bigger say in care, as patient advocates.

The only way to truly change our healthcare system and our entire nation for the better is to change the hearts and minds of Americans. If you take one thing away from hearing me speak today, I hope that it’s this: very often, the medical establishment is lying to the American people. Open your eyes. Listen to the people on the front lines. Then, speak out for medical freedom. No matter how anyone tries to keep you silent.

In a free society, it is our right and our duty to participate in this democracy by thoughtfully engaging with our world and our fellow citizens, and forming our own opinions based on that. Americans were never meant to be a nation of people blindly swallowing whatever their leaders fed them. That’s why we revolted!

Another revolution is currently in the making and it’s long overdue. We have a long way to go as a society towards becoming united in the fight for a truly better nation, but it starts now.

When it comes to COVID-19, the truth is this: The illness itself was not a hoax. Those viral particles are real. The body bags in those freezer trucks are all too real, and I’ve seen them. The lie that we’ve been told is what happened between those two points.

I’ve been in the place between the virus and the dead, and I’m telling the world what I saw. Now, more and more of my fellow frontline workers are joining with me and doing the same. To those who try to silence us, I say: the virus won’t stop, and neither will the pileup of body bags, until the medical establishment and our government puts the focus back onto patients instead of money.

Saving lives and saving our country depends on all of us to win this battle. Let’s win this fight together. Thank you everyone!

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