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Hey kids, We Need to Make Sure that We Remain Diligent and Not Idle!

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Published on: September 18, 2014

Hey kids! Today we are going to talk about the sinfulness of idleness. We are going to learn about how to remain diligent in everything you do such as schoolwork, reading the Bible, doing chores, and so on. I hope you learn something while you’re reading this true story about George Jones.

One day, there was a 12-year old boy whose dad was working on getting him in college. Finally, his dad got him into an academy that led to college. But George was a very idle boy. He thought that he could just be idle when he was a boy and then learn everything when he became a man. Obviously, you should not do that, but George did.

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Because of George’s idleness, he was a very naughty and grumpy boy. So bad, in fact, that he could barely read and when he did read, classmates would laugh at him time and time again. When it was time to have recess, George would walk out with his head down grudgingly, and when it was time to play games at recess, none of the boys would play with him. Sometimes, when it was time to go back in school, he would grudgingly walk in and sometimes fall asleep on his desk.

Finally, when it was time for college, George would stand up and read and as usual, everyone would laugh at him. George became so behind on his studies, that no matter how hard he tried to keep up, he could not because he had not been diligent when he was younger. The officers of the school noticed this and his grumpy attitude, and were forced to suspend him.

A few months later, he came back to college, but did no better at his studies or his attitude. His father noticed it, and soon he took him out of college. Later on in his life, he became a poor man with absolutely no friends or barely any money.

This is why we have to make sure that we are always doing something either with your studies, or to make this world better somehow by helping your dad and mom spread the Gospel to all people. Don’t become like George Jones because George was idle and miserable.

Next week, we are going to learn about another kid who was in the same class with George Jones. You will see a stark contrast between him and George. I hope you had fun learning about George Jones with me, and how we should never become like him. Thank you for taking time to read this.

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