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Hillary Clinton: China Has Right to Assert Itself in South China Sea

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Published on: October 12, 2016

We have lived in an era of time that is somewhat unusual. We have had really no legitimate rivals internationally. With our relative economic stability, we have continued to grow. We have had no technological or military competitor in the world for nearly three decades.

But times they are a changing. In the globalists’ efforts to make all the world one people, we have slowed to a crawl. Our security has been sold or given away, and we are bound by trade deals that have us losing money and jobs.

One of the biggest concerns over the last several years is the rise of China. First, we saw China take on a more capitalistic model economically, with incentives for production and profit. From this has arisen the modern Chinese military.

Now, China is asserting herself in many areas. One of the most important and least talked about is the conflict that China continues to have with Japan.

The Pew Global reported:

The two East Asian nations have a centuries-old relationship, punctuated by major conflict and strife. Most recently, Beijing and Tokyo have been at loggerheads about sovereignty over a group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, called the Senkaku by the Japanese and the Diaoyu by the Chinese.

But this is nothing compared to the rising tension in the South China Sea, which has China imposing itself upon several neighboring nations.

This is the results of weak globalist leadership. They compromise and weaken America so that all of the world will be equal.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, we can be sure that these backroom globalist deals will continue. But now, all the world should know because she has all but said so in speeches.

Breitbart reports:

In a private speech shortly after leaving her post as Secretary of State, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reportedly asserted that China has “a right to assert themselves” with regard to the South China Sea, a region in which the communist government has usurped the sovereign territory of six countries.

In a speech to Goldman Sachs in October 2013, Clinton told the audience that China “basically wants to control” the entire South China Sea, a multi-billion-dollar trade route connecting much of Asia. “48 percent of the world’s trade, obviously that includes energy but includes everything else, goes through the South China Sea,” she said. Of China’s attempts to control the entire body of water, Clinton appeared forgiving.

“You can’t hold that against them,” she reportedly said. “They have the right to assert themselves. But if nobody’s there to push back to create a balance, then they’re going to have a choke hold on the sea lanes and also on the countries that border the South China Sea.”

This tells us that Hillary has no intentions of confronting the Chinese on these activities. If she wins, we will have four more years of the same weak policies.

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