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Hillary Clinton Should Be Subjected to a Gun Free Zone – Like Prison

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Published on: October 6, 2015

Here we go again. There is a mass shooting and like a good farmer, Hillary Clinton is going to milk the tragedy for everything it is worth. The problem is the media is so pathetic that no one will ask the simple questions that would expose Hillary in not believing her own call for gun control.

Mrs. Clinton, we want you to help us determine if gun control and gun free zones really keep people safe. To do so, we want to place you in a gun free zone for the day and see how safe it actually is. To be absolutely certain that it is a gun free zone it will have a tall wall all the way around it with razor wire on the top of the walls. There will be towers with guards with shot guns and rifles to guarantee that no one enters or leaves the gun free zone without first being strip searched.

According to Mrs. Clinton, guns are the problem, not bad people. Therefore, she should be willing to spend the day in a man’s prison and be perfectly safe. After all, it is a gun free zone. I highly doubt Mrs. Clinton would help us out with our experiment. Mrs. Clinton knows that even though a prison is a completely controlled environment, there are still rapes, murders, and assaults committed regularly inside their walls. She knows that if she were left alone in a gun free zone such as a prison, no one could guarantee her safety.

However, if Mrs. Clinton were to spend the day at a gun show, the odds are that she would be very safe indeed. If she did not want to spend the day at a gun show, how about a conservative church full of Republicans. The truth is disarming people encourages crime, it does not prevent it.

If a man was at your front door with a butcher knife and a sledge hammer screaming that he is going to kill you, what would keep you safe? A locked front door would be quickly opened with a sledge hammer. Calling the police would not help, they could not get there fast enough to protect you. How about a 10 gauge double barrel shotgun loaded with 00 Buckshot?

What most people are unwilling to accept is that personal safety is just that, personal. If someone is going to harm you, it is your responsibility to protect yourself. Disarming the victims in gun free zones has been proven disastrous so many times one would think these politicians would be laughed off the stage the moment they suggest something so foolish as more gun control. Screaming for more gun control is an admission of gun control’s failure, they just do not think through what they are saying. They seem to think if they just use more of what is not working somehow it will finally work. How silly, gun control is making someone suffer for another’s stupidity. Anyone who believes it is guns, and not bad people that cause crime, should be willing to spend the day in a man’s prison and see how well their theory works. They should risk their own safety for a change.

After these mass shootings, the gun control crowd seems to hate gun owners more than they do the criminals. I think it is just a distraction technique because they are afraid that people will eventually realize that violence comes from the heart and not the tool the criminal uses to commit the crime. At some point these people are going to have to accept that what keeps society safe is good people not allowing bad people to be bad.

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