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Hillary Doesn’t Want to be Madam President, She Just Wants to be a Madam

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Published on: October 12, 2015

Is Hillary Clinton running to be madam president or a madam of a whore house? I know people will say I am going too far, but my reason for asking is because of Hillary’s constant benefit from the suffering of so many victims.

The reason I use prostitution as an example is that the pimps prey on troubled young women and basically enslave the girls with their own problems. Usually these pimps stalk the bus stations and when they find a young girl, they sweet talk her and try to get her addicted to drugs and alcohol and eventually they are selling the use of the young girl’s body for the pimp’s financial gain.

Do you see any similarities? Planned Parenthood is one example. It has been reported that men who have molested young girls have brought them to Planned Parenthood to have the girl’s babies killed to hide their crimes. Planned Parenthood does not care if the girls are victims of a crime, all that matters is if they get paid for killing the baby and that they find someone to buy the body parts of the baby that they killed. Planned Parenthood takes these obscene profits and donates them to Hillary and other politicians so that they can protect Planned Parenthood’s profiteering from these girls’ suffering.

Hillary and her crowd wait like those predators for the voters and their problems to show up, and while they claim to care about them, they exploit those problems for political and financial gain. Hillary campaigns on solving those problems, but if she gets votes and campaign donations because those problems exist, why should I believe she will ever solve those problems. When has Hillary done anything to protect those girls who are being exploited? These people love to claim to be the heroes by claiming that when abortion was illegal the girls would have been forced to get back alley abortions that were unsafe. Who did making the abortions legal protect the most – the girls hiring the abortionist to kill the babies, or the ones killing the babies?

Planned Parenthood has become a huge industry with a lot of money and power, so much power that Hillary is more than willing to defend what they have done. I would say becoming a huge industry instead of being a criminal killing a baby in a back alley has benefited those abortionists more than it benefited the girls that hired them. A never ending campaign issue has been a great benefit to Hillary and politicians like her. As usual, Hillary’s policies benefit her donors, not the victims.

If you think I am being one sided on this, I am not. I find it very disgusting that there are many politicians that claim to be fighting for pro-life who are only campaigning on the issue. It really says a lot about a country where babies are ripped to pieces on a daily bases and when recordings are produced that show that they were born alive and then killed so their body parts could be sold for a higher price, instead of justice the killers are defended and the victims deserted. There are politicians that know this is wrong. These politicians campaign on the fact that this is wrong. Time and time again these politicians have campaigned on ending the atrocities and yet they are more afraid of being criticized by the killers and their supporters than they seem to be of failing to keep their promises to those that elected them.

I heard an interesting statistic the other day they said that 80% of gun deaths in Minnesota are from suicide. Instead of caring about the victims Hillary wants gun control. At the same time there is a call for gun control there is also a call for physician assisted suicide. It seems that instead of caring about the victims, they are more concerned with who is profiting from the death. It would not surprise me if Planned Parenthood branched out into the suicide business. Sadly it is all about the money.

If someone has a drinking problem and if I claim to care about that person, what proves I really care about them? I tell them they should quit drinking and help them any way I can, or I open a bar and sell them all the booze I can. If someone wants to profit from misery it is hard to believe they are against misery.

It is time to care about the suffering instead of profiting from it. Talk is cheap we need leaders who will actually do something.

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