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Hillary for “Dummies”: 10 Facts that Disqualify Hillary Clinton for President

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Published on: October 31, 2016

By now, we all know that FBI Director James Comey has announced his agency has reopened its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, just 11 days before the election.

Although this development certainly appears to be a major setback for Hillary, knowing that she and other high-ranking Democrats are pressuring Comey to “dispel any misleading impressions,” and also knowing that Comey has already failed to properly investigate Hillary, it’s certainly possible that the FBI director could cave, and soon release a statement essentially exonerating Hillary. And there’s no doubt the Democrats will unleash hell in a last-ditch effort to derail Trump.

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Therefore, it would be wise for voters to resist allowing their minds to be whiplashed by the news cycle and consider what they already know about Hillary Rodham Clinton:

1) Consider why there is an email scandal to begin with. Hillary chose to run her official government communications through a private server in her basement. Why would she do this, other than to escape scrutiny? Seeing the damning WikiLeaks releases confirms any suspicions.

2) A threat to national security: As secretary of state, Hillary and her team exposed highly classified information to our enemies. FBI Director Comey himself described her as “extremely careless.” Hillary deleted 33,000 emails after she received a subpoena to turn them over. Her team destroyed Blackberry phones and cleaned her devices with BleachBit to prevent investigators from retrieving the data. We all know the only reason Hillary is not in jail now is because she is being protected – up until now by FBI higher-ups and Obama’s “Justice” Department, led by Loretta Lynch, who was a litigation partner for eight years at a major Washington law firm, Hogan & Hartson LLP, that did tax work for the Clintons.

3) She is corrupt: Hillary claimed that she and Bill were “dead broke” when they left the White House, yet today the Clinton’s net worth is an estimated $111 million! They’ve never operated a business nor manufactured a single product, so how did these career politicians amass a fortune? By peddling her influence as secretary of state and selling access to the White House.

In 2010, governments and aid groups pledged $10 billion for Haiti’s earthquake recovery. The Clintons helped themselves by exploiting the Haitian earthquake to give favors to influential donors. There has been little reconstruction in Port-au-Prince. Under Hillary’s watch, the State Department cannot account for $6 billion in contracting money. Hillary also gave $165 billion worth of arms sales to 20 nations that had donated to the Clinton Foundation.

4) Disastrous policies: Hillary supports sanctuary cites. She has promised to use executive orders to implement amnesty and strict gun control. Hillary plans to allow 500 percent more Syrian refugees into the U.S.! She was author of the failed universal health-care plan in 1993. Hillary advocated early withdrawal from Iraq and called for U.S. involvement in Libya. Both nations have become training grounds for Islamic terrorists.

5) A “congenital liar”: In 1996, New York Times columnist William Safire labeled Hillary a “congenital liar.” Hillary proved this label to be accurate when she denied sending or receiving classified information from her private server, when she blamed the Benghazi terrorist attacks on spontaneous protests over a video, when WikiLeaks exposed her private support for open borders, when she claimed she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia and so on.

6) Hillary is sick: She collapsed leaving a 9/11 memorial last month. She suffers from severe coughing spells. She’s been described as “often confused” by top aide Huma Abedin. She’s reportedly had three blood clots since 1998. She fainted and sustained a concussion in 2012. Hillary’s media can’t hide everything!

7) She’s a race-baiter: Hillary embraces the hate-filled rhetoric of Black Lives Matter and makes excuses for violence against police. She was the first to suggest that Obama may not have been born in the U.S., and she said Obama wasn’t a Muslim “as far as I know” (wink, wink!). She’s praised the late Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd (a former KKK recruiter) as a mentor and friend.

8) A nasty woman: Hillary has viciously attacked her sexual predator husband’s victims as “bimbos.” She laughed about getting her client off after he raped a young girl. She called Gold Star parent Patricia Smith (mother of Sean Smith, killed in Benghazi) a liar. And Hillary infamously called millions of Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” and even “irredeemable.”

9) Hillary is just not likable: Oprah Winfrey recently acknowledged that people don’t like Hillary and had to remind viewers, “She is not coming over to your house! You don’t have to like her.” Some endorsement!

10) She hasn’t accomplished anything: Hillary rode her husband’s coattails to get to the top. She has experience in government, but as Donald Trump said, it’s bad experience.

So in the coming days, don’t be deceived by potentially kind words from FBI Director Comey toward Hillary, or by the corrupt media. Be strong in what you know, and tell all your sensible friends to vote. What we already know about Hillary should be more than enough to disqualify her from serving a term – at least as president!

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Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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